Explanation of the name
Universal White Brotherhood

This name brings questions on regular basis from people who associate the term “White” with a racist connotation. The associated two terms “Universal” and “Brotherhood” should clear all ambiguities on the subject.

“Brotherhood” means that the teachings are offered to the entire community of human beings living on the planet whose destiny is to live together as children of the same creator: God.

“White” this term must be understood symbolically. It refers to the white light, the highest spiritual symbol, which is the synthesis of all colors (like all the different colors reflected through a prism). Colors that the mystic tradition considers being the manifestations of the soul’s virtues.

Extract of article 1 of the statutes of the association Fraternité Blanche Universelle:

“in the name ‘Universal White Brotherhood’ the term “white” does not in any manner refer to the color of a particular race.

Just like the white color is the synthesis of all the colors, the idea of “Universal White Brotherhood”, which is immaterial, encompasses all human beings without exception. It invites the realiazation of a fraternal, harmonious life on the entire planet, respecting each race, each religion, each nationality.”

“Universal”: the psychic structure of human beings, who are created in the image of God, enables them to rise and expand their consciousness until it reaches a universal concept of life.

Therefore, the name “Universal White Brotherhood” represents in itself a program. Its teaching is basically a psychology and a pedagogy allowing people to do a work on themselves and, thanks to this work, to feel that they are truly becoming brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God, and conscious inhabitants of this immense dwelling that is the universe.

The religion of Christ adapted for this epoch.

Daily meditation
November 1 st, 2002

“People who work with the principles of Christ, principles that are eternal and unchangeable, belong to the true Universal White Brotherhood. They destroy nothing, they do not bring a new religion, but they do abandon forms that have lost their meaning over the centuries. People who cling on to form prove only they have not understood the principles. They imagine that the form will save them. Well no, because in form, we go to sleep. If we want to progress we must not rely on forms so much but work with principles instead. In its second epistle to the Corinthians, St. Paul wrote: ‘…for the letter kills but the Spirit gives life’. Laziness makes people cling on to the letter, on the form. The Spirit periodically breaks the forms to renew them, because it no longer recognizes itself in them. The Universal White Brotherhood is not, therefore, a new religion, it is the religion of Christ, but presented in a different form, appropriate to our times.”

Fraternity and collectivity

Daily meditatio
April 29, 2001

“To be collective does not necessarily mean to be fraternal. A community is still not a fraternity. A community is a gathering of people who may have no bond between them. Villages, cities are communities, of course, but do the people who live there know each other, love each other and work consciously with love for one another? No, most of them live without being aware of the existence of bonds that should unite them; so they still do not make up a fraternity. A fraternity is a community that has an open and luminous mind, made up of close member who work not only for one another but also for the whole world. A true fraternity is a community that manifests a universal consciousness.”