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Children’s activities

Many activities are offered : group activities, manual work, artistic work, sport, music and singing, games, shows…

enfant dans la galerie artisanale
Children in the gallery of Arts
The children’s show
sortie à la mer
Matinée à la mer
une partie de ping-pong
Une partie de ping-pong
Groupe d'ados
Groupe de jeunes
Never leave a child inactive - Extract from the Izvor Collection. Volume 203
You saw how proud the children were of their singing ! For them it’s a serious matter. Oh yes, they’ve done something important ! All their life they will remember  they sang in public. Perhaps it’s nothing much to you, but for them it’s an event ; if you enter the heart of these children you will see it’s an event. Now you must encourage them, tell them it was magnificent, that we need to hear them and they must learn even more songs.

You must awaken in children the desire to show they are as capable as possible in one activity or another. It’s the best way of preventing them form making silly mistakes and wasting their time in distractions. You should never leave a child inactive. Often, when adults  ask a child to remain quiet they say, ‘Be good’. [Literal translation : ‘Be wise’] But why do people confound wisdom with immobility ? Does wisdom mean you shouldn’t move, you shouldn’t do anything ? Why be surprised if children learn to hate wisdom, for in their mind it is linked to immobility and they are so dynamic !

Besides, it’s much better to not ask children not to move, but always give them something to keep them busy.