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Le point de vue du docteur Larry Dossey

Doctor Larry Dossey
Excerpt from the preface of G. Feuerstein book: “The Mystery of Light”

"There are rare moments in our life when the discovery of a particular book, teaching, or peace of wisdom simply stuns us and leaves us breathlessly filled with awe, gratitude, and joy. We recognize immediately that we have come upon a great treasure. As we stand in its presence and yield to its brilliance, we can sense immediately that it has begun to change us. That has been my response to encountering the work of the remarkable Bulgarian spiritual teacher Omraam Mijkhael Aivanhov.

The pages of history are littered with wise spiritual teachers. Regardless of the truths they have spoken, many of them have not made a great difference in people’s lives or the world in general. What accounts for the transforming power of some of them? Whether or not a great spiritual teaching actually engages us depends on our openness to it of course, but on other factors as well. It is not enough for the teaching to be true. In addition, it must be coherent not only with former wisdom but with the best current knowledge as well. It must convey relevance, immediacy, and urgency. Above all, the teaching must somehow be right for the times, and it must feel right. At some point, if these conditions are met, magic may happen: We, and the world around us, can be transformed.

Not only is Aivanhov’s teaching consistent with the greatest wisdom traditions of humankind, it is at the leading edge of our evolving knowledge about the world. This means that those who prefer their spiritual teachings to be dusty and crusty, archaic and arcane will need to look elsewhere. Aivanhov does not advocate taking refuge in a sentimental past. Using reason to the fullest, and supplementing it with his remarkable visionary powers, he enunciates a breathtaking picture of human transformation that is modern and up-to-date.

One of the most striking qualities of Aivanhov’s eaching is the simplicity and clarity that shine through at every moment. His unadorned, uncluttered words are a refreshing contrast to the hopelessly obscure obfuscations that pass today for “spiritual” teachings. What a joy to rediscover that authentic wisdom need not be opaque and impenetrable!

Although Aivanhov’s teaching is consistent with the best of the ancient wisdom that has gone before it, it is in many respects fresh and new. Aivanhov was obviously aware of the penetrating insights of modern science. He honored this window onto the world and, by applying his considerable intellect and understanding, opened this window even further. Unlike many spiritual teachers, Aivanhov never went around the modern picture of the universe; he marched straight through it and expanded it. This is one reason his teachings seems so relevant to our age.

There are probably more so-called spiritual teachers today than ever before. The West is flooded with them, and it has been difficult in many instances to sort out the sage from the scoundrel. Amid the current supermarket of offerings, the spiritual seeker’s task of finding a genuine teacher can be daunting. That is one reason why it is a great honor and privilege to recommend the teaching presented in this book. It is in a class with few others. (…)

I am frequently asked in lectures and seminars, ‘Who today is a believable, genuine, spiritual teacher?’ Now I can answer without hesitation: Encounter Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov and see what happens.”

Larry Dossey
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