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In 1947, the Brotherhood purchased a house in Sèvres (2 rue Belvédère de la Ronce) and named it Izgrev (sunrise in Bulgarian).
Situated close to a forest and with a broad view over Paris to the East, the property now hosts regular fraternal meetings. For many years from 1947 on, when he was not travelling in other countries, the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov lived here and gave almost daily talks to growing numbers of people.
Today, Izgrev is the focal point for gatherings and communication for all the members in the Paris region.


Izgrev is also the headquarters of the French association of the Universal White Brotherhood.

Over the years, the original center has been expanded and adapted to accommodate regular conventions, especially during the period of Christmas and New Year. These gatherings are attended by members of sister associations from around the world.

As in other Brotherhood centers in the world, the participants take part in various spiritual activities such as listening to the recorded talks of the Master and choral singing.

Quite early on, the typed texts taken from stenographic notes of the Master’s talks were replaced by tape recordings and, more recently, by modern audio-video systems. The task of preserving thousands of these recordings, of enhancing their quality and of organizing the archives is a long process which is still going on.

The principal spiritual activities at the center include attendance at the sunrise (from March 22 until September 29), meditation and choral singing.

Many members also take part in activities of an artistic nature and organize concerts and various other representations.


Address :
  2 rue du belvédère de la Ronce - 92310 Sèvres
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  33 (0) 1 45 34 08 85 de 9h à 12 h, 14 h à 18 h
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