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Choral Singing

Opportunities to practice the songs of Peter Deunov in four parts are organised regularly. In addition to the mixed choir of four voices there is also a choir of brothers and a choir of sisters.

Chorale des soeurs
Chorale des soeurs

Concert avec soeurs

Singing together - Extract from the Complete Works – Volume 16
In the Brotherhood we are in the habit of singing together, eating together and praying and meditating together. Why? Because our teaching brings new methods so that humans can learn to live more fraternally. Humanity’s natural tendency is to be separate, isolated, even hostile to each other, which creates many anomalies. More and more, even in families, we notice the tendency people have to distance themselves from one another: they don’t understand each other anymore, they no longer know how to enter into the situations of others…

However, there are three times when humans are more agreeable to being together: when they sing, when they eat and when they pray. But other than these moments, they are separate, isolated, and even hostile…

By singing together, we are already doing much to vibrate in unison, to attune ourselves, to harmonize…

…Well, here, we make efforts to create a little warmth, to get closer to each other. When everyone succeeds in singing together with their heart and soul, we will increasingly feel the harmony that brings peace, joy and health

The harmony of the four voices - Extract from the Complete works – Volume 19

This practice of singing in four voices is already a reflection, an expression on the physical plane of the exercise that we should do each day – and several times a day – in our spirit, our soul, our intellect and our heart.
But singing in chorus is also, of course, a symbol of the effort we have to make to be in tune with each other, to be in harmony with each other.  For this blending of voices over our heads is at the same time a blending of our souls and spirits. The four voices, bass, tenor, alto and soprano, are in relation also to the four strings of a violin, which is a symbol of man: the G string represents the heart, the D the intellect, the A the soul and the E the spirit. The violin represents the physical body while the bow represents the will which acts on the four principles of heart, intellect, soul and spirit.

concert Sofia
Les musiciens de l'association préparent également des présentations musicales, instrumentales et vocales.

Choral singing is a conscious work - Extract from Complete Works – Volume 21
We sing in chorus not simply because it is an agreeable way of passing the time, but because it is a conscious work by which we learn to subordinate our individual life to the law of universality and harmony. We must work for harmony, for the slightest harmonious vibration on earth puts us in touch with the great harmony of the cosmos. The word ‘harmony’ is the summary, the synthesis of all virtues, of all blessings. When harmony has permeated us and tuned us like an instrument, the Divine Spirit will touch us and play on us.