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Eucalyptus Gratitude
Extract from the Complete Works- Volume 20
A man complained to me that he was very unhappy.
I asked him, ‘Have you said thank you today ?’
‘Say thank you ? To whom ? and why ?’
‘You are able to walk ? And breathe ?’
‘You have had breakfast ?’
‘And you can open your mouth and speak ?’
‘Well then, thank the Lord because there are people who cannot walk or eat or open their mouth. You are unhappy because you have not thought to say thank you. To change your inner state you must first of all recognise there is nothing more marvellous than being alive, to walk, see and speak to others. But humans have forgotten all that, that’s why heaven makes them go through great ordeals, to teach them to finally be grateful.
A magic phrase : Thank you - 29th October 2001
Each day devote at least a few minutes to introducing harmony within you. Close your eyes while making an effort to free your mind of everyday worries and direct it toward the summits, toward the sources of life that flood the universe. When you feel you have stopped the flow of thoughts, feelings and images that go through you, pronounce the words ‘thank you’ inwardly. These are the simplest words, which nonetheless unravel all tensions, because when you are grateful, you are in harmony with heaven, you come out of the narrow circle of your limited self in order to penetrate the peace of cosmic consciousness. Remain in this state as long as you can, and when you come back to yourself, you will feel that new and very precious elements have been introduced into your being: serenity, lucidity and strength.