bandeau haut


faire du painBread making

la pluchePreparing vegetables

Manual activities
Work for the common good - Extract from a lecture
You will never find true joy unless you give joy to others. That is why I invite you to participate in this magnificent life we are creating here.Look at the brothers and sisters who do  the cooking : they are happy because they prepare delicious meals for us every day ; they give an example. But every one of you can find something to do, such as working with the flowers and vegetables, cleaning and maintaining the communal buildings, clearing the paths and entrances. There is work everywhere for everyone. Even if it is just picking up the bits of paper and objects that are laying about. Whatever you do for others you also do for yourself because we are living in a community here.
A  tremendous change will take place in human souls once they think about what is useful and beneficial for others as well as for