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How to meditate - 7th April 2004
As soon as they embark on the spiritual life, most people are confronted with the problem of meditation: they do not know how to concentrate. Why? Because they have not learned how to choose subjects for meditation; they throw themselves into it blindly, with no method. You must be very clear about this. The first rule, of course, is to choose a subject of a spiritual nature, and the second is that this subject should be something heartfelt. The love you have for a person or an object is what attaches you to him or it. When you do not love, you are, if I dare say so, like a stamp without glue: you will not stick!
Beginners make the mistake of wanting to concentrate at once on the most abstract, philosophical and mystical matters: truth, eternity, infinity, the Absolute, or the Supreme Being. This is a mistake. Begin by concentrating, for example, on a pure, beautiful image that you love, an image of nature or art. Your mind will get into the habit of concentrating in this way, and gradually you will be able to meditate on more abstract subjects. To get results in the spiritual life, you must know how to use the marvellous power of love.
How to meditate - 2th May 2003
Meditation is a difficult exercise, because it requires great mastery of thought. Now thought is rebellious, it likes to wander, to roam, and if you try to stop it abruptly, you will block your mind. This mechanism known as the mind must be put to work gently, just as you allow the engine to warm up before you drive off in your car. Therefore, when you want to meditate, do not attempt to control your thought immediately: it will talk back, rebel, and perhaps even knock you down! Begin by putting yourself in a state of peace and harmony; then, gently, lead your thought in the direction you want it to take. Soon it will be at your disposition and will obey you. You must be very clever, very diplomatic with your thought. When you have learned to dominate it, it will continue throughout the day in the direction you wish, without any intervention on your part.