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Spiritual lectures and meetings

The limitations of today’s ‘education’ - 2nd October 2002

Salle de conférence
La grande salle d'Izgrev

Education is obviously very useful, because it gives you a job, prestige, authority and money. But you can accumulate as much knowledge in mathematics, history or medicine as you like, it will never transform you, and so if you are timid, sensual, quick-tempered, or selfish, you will remain timid, sensual, quick-tempered or selfish. No university will teach you about the laws that govern the moral world, about the Great Beyond, the afterlife and reincarnation. So even if you are a walking encyclopaedia, you will not have the hope, the conviction or the strength of will that will allow you to transform yourself, because you know nothing about these fundamental subjects. Whereas if you are taught that moral laws are the equivalent in the psychic plane of the laws of nature, that souls continue to live in the other world and how they then reincarnate, you will not be able to remain the same in the face of these revelations. You inevitably become more mindful of your outer and inner behaviour.