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The Panurythmy


The Master Peter Deunov has given a succession of serenely harmonious movements to accompany a piece of music he composed. When this sacred circle dance is performed consciously it connects the human being to the regenerative forces of the universe.
Cette ronde sacrée, exécutée consciemment, met l'homme en relation avec les forces régénératrices de l'univers.


Put yourself in harmony with the most beneficial rhythms of the universe.

Muriel URECH
Peter Deunov’s Panurythmy
Ed. Prosveta

Everything is rhythm in the universe, says the Master Mikhael Aivanhov, and the human being himself belongs to this great cosmic rhythm. Whether perceptible or not, all biological or psychic functions are subject to the laws of rhythm.
Through his way of life, through his thoughts, feelings and acts, he enters more or less into harmony with the universal rhythm. Music and dance are nothing other than attempts to enter anew this universal rhythm or maintain it. That is why every culture attributes divine origins to music and dance.

By creating the Panurythmy, the Master Peter Deunov has given us the methods that allow us to harmonise ourselves with the the most beneficial rhythms of  the universe, for only an initiate is capable of discovering the movements and sounds corresponding to these rhythms. If we do a profound work with these movements and sounds we will discover the laws and principles that correspond to them in the psychic life. So you must consider the Panurythmy as an educational method : to dance the Panurythmy means to learn to adapt your thoughts, feelings and acts to the most harmonious rhythms of nature.