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Silence is the expression of harmony - 28th November 2003
Silence is an expression of peace, harmony, and perfection, and it provides the best conditions for psychic and spiritual activity. Those who love and understand silence gradually manage to manifest it in everything they do: instead of creating chaos when they move objects, when they talk, walk, or work… they become more attentive, more delicate, more supple. All their actions, gestures and attitudes are impregnated with something that seems to come from another world, a world of poetry, music, dance, and inspiration.
16th March 2003
In your gestures, in your activities, in every manifestation of your daily life, learn to love and cultivate silence. Why do human beings allow themselves to speak loudly, to shout, to bump into objects, and slam doors? This is unpleasant behaviour for those around them, but equally harmful to themselves. But do they realise this? No, they do whatever they feel like; they think this is perfectly acceptable, and that others must simply put up with them. Well, this is a form of egotism which is very detrimental to one’s evolution. Yes, pay attention, take care not to disturb others with noise. In doing so you will develop many qualities, such as delicacy, sensibility, and harmony, which create within you the best conditions for contact with the luminous entities of the invisible world.