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Feast of St Michel, the Bonfin, 2008


Spiritualize your activities

Know how to use any work to elevate yourself - Extract from the Complete Works- volume 13
Many people imagine that a spiritual person has to devote all his time to prayer and meditation, but this is not so. Whatever work you do, even if it is highly spiritual, becomes extremely prosaic when it is not animated by a very high, sublime ideal, and the reverse is equally true: even the most prosaic, down-to-earth work can become truly spiritual if you know how to inject an element of the divine into it. Spirituality is not a matter of refusing all material, physical activity, but of doing whatever we do for, with, and in the light. Spirituality is a question of knowing how to use all our work in order to rise to greater heights, to become more harmonious, and to attach ourselves more and more firmly to God
The work of self-perfection - Extract from Complete Works – Volume 22
Make all your activities converge on a single goal: your own perfection, and in this way you will trigger within yourself forces which will transform you in depth. In general, the professional activities of humans touch only the surface of their lives. Working in a factory, an office, or a laboratory, being a politician or teaching children, cannot awaken all the God-given powers of human beings, unless, at the same time, their thought, their feelings and their will work to give a vaster significance to that activity, a significance which touches the roots of their being. From now on, therefore, try to start this work, the only true work, try to acquire a taste for it, try never to be able to live one day without triggering beneficial forces in and around you, and you will see the results.
What matters is the motive which makes us act - Extract from Complete Works- Volume XX
In all your activities, what counts the most, is the idea, the motive behind your actions, the goal you are aiming for. The activity itself is not so important. It may earn you honour or money, but that should not be your concern.  It may be that by following a spiritual teaching you do not seem to be doing much, but if you follow it with the desire to nourish and support the idea of universal brotherhood, with each act you will be adding a few elements for your future, for your evolution, and this changes your entire destiny. For a long time perhaps you will not see any results, but one fine day blessings will rain down on you from all sides, because all that you have done has been recorded and you will receive your reward. Humans judge you by your actions, whereas the heavens reward or punish you for your motives. It is from heaven, therefore, that you should await the reward for what you are doing by working to support the idea of brotherhood.