bandeau haut


lever de soleil

The sunrise

Nourish yourself with light - Complete Works Vol 30
Learn to nourish yourself with light, for behind this light the greatest blessings are found. You will feel so rich you will begin to love all creatures. Poverty engenders hatred. The work of  disciples is to awaken their consciousness to all the riches of the universe at their disposal.

The sun must rise within us - Extract from the Izvor Collection, N° 201

If we study the great Book of Living Nature we notice that, when Winter comes and the earth receives less sun, nothing grows. Even the rivers are frozen. Life flows more slowly. And then, in the Spring, when the earth is exposed to longer hours of light and heat from the sun, everything grows and becomes rich and beautiful. Life begins to flow again.

True spirituality can be compared to the work the sun accomplishes on the earth. When the sun – our spirit – begins to radiate, to penetrate all the cells of our body so as to harmonize them and make them sing in unison, it brings about a state of perfection: light, happiness, health, fulfilment. True spirituality is the daily work of our spirit as it illuminates and purifies our whole being so that new life can begin to flow within us.

Everybody knows that a sun exists and what it does, but very few have ever thought that they should introduce it into their own heart and soul, into their intelligence and their whole being, as a symbol, a life-force...

It is within their own being that humans must learn to make the sun rise every day.

Through the sun, we can communicate with the divine every day - Extract from the Complete Works - Volume 30
You all understand why the religion of the future will be a solar religion: through the sun, we can be in communion with the Godhead every day. A remote, abstract god cannot help human beings to transform themselves. But the sun is not abstract: he is always present, always real, powerful, superb. The power that works through the sun is the power of Christ. In the light of Hermes Trismegistus’ words, ‘That which is above is like that which is below,’ should we not understand that the sun which is below – the sun in the sky – is like the sun which is above – Christ?
Behind the visible, tangible sun is the Lord. The concrete, physical world that we can see is the reflection of the abstract, invisible world. When you know how to observe the things of earth, it is possible to discover the things of heaven. This is how I proceeded. I did not go to books written by human beings to find the things I reveal to you: I found them in the great book of living nature, which is the reflection of the world above. You have to learn to read the book of nature, of which we ourselves are a part.
A human being is in the image of the sun - Extract from the Complete Works – Volume 10
The first thing one sees when one looks at the sun is its body, that bright disk in the sky which is always the same shape and size, and which we can observe, measure or photograph as we please.  But if we want to study what emanates from the sun, the light that flows from the centre to the periphery, and determine just what it is or how far it reaches into space, we are up against an impossibility. It is beyond the powers of imagination.
Take the sun as your model - Extract from the Complete Works - Volume 30

The highest ideal is to model yourself on the sun. If you decide to imitate a scientist or philosopher, or even a hero, a saint, or an initiate, you will, no doubt, receive a few particles of their virtues, but what you receive will never be as abundant or as pure as what you receive when you take the sun as your model.

The image of perfection is the sun, and if you take it as your model and, like the sun, you think only of enlightening, warming, and vivifying others, you will really and truly be transformed. Even if you never obtain the actual light, warmth, and life of the sun, the fact that you yearn and strive to possess them is sufficient to raise you to heavenly regions, in which you will accomplish many marvels. Your desire to enlighten, warm, and vivify others will make you yourself more luminous, warmer, and more alive.

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