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Education and schooling

The existence of denominational schools is evidence of the concern of the different religions to provide children with schooling inspired by their own fundamental beliefs. For Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov schools in general commit the serious error of emphasizing instruction (development of the intellectual faculties) at the expense of education (the qualities of the heart) and prioritizing analysis and deductive reasoning to the detriment of intuition and a holistic view. This lack of balance seriously comprom­ises the harmonious development of the individual. However, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov never gave parents any specific instructions about how to educate their children. This was primarily because he did not believe it educational to mark children out from their friends. And then he thought it was up to the parents, inspired by the methods of this teaching, to determine how best to arm their children psychologically and prepare them to confront all the situations they are likely to meet, both in school and in their life after school. On the other hand, he always encouraged pupils and students to pursue their studies as far as possible

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The best education: example - Daily Meditations April 16, 2002
For many adults education consists of imposing on the young moral qualities which they themselves often do not possess and of which they are incapable of setting an example. And then they are astonished to see that they are neither obeyed nor respected. But this should come as no surprise.
True educators have to live according to the qualities and virtues they profess to teach so that something irresistibly stimulating and inspiring emanates from them. A true poet or a true musician inspires others to become poets or musicians. Those who truly possess love open up the hearts of all those around them. The courage of an intrepid general will influence his soldiers to launch a spirited attack and carry off the victory. Just imagine a faint-hearted, cowardly officer shouting in a shaky voice: “Forward!” No-one would follow. Educators say: “You must be good, you must be honest, you must be…“,’ but they themselves are none of these things, so what influence can they have on the younger generation?
Imagine the best for your child - Daily Meditations May 25, 2001
None of your efforts is lost; even if, for now, you are not successful, everything you try to achieve remains an acquisition for later. One day all the efforts you have made will call on heaven for a reward, and heaven will grant it, because that is the law.
Those who do not understand this law say, "This person has done nothing and receives everything, whereas I work and have nothing. I live in poverty," and jealousy gnaws at them. In reality those who seem so privileged have already done great work in the past. A genius as great as Mozart, for example, had already dedicated himself to music in his previous incarnations; this explains why he expressed such exceptional talent at a very early age.  A realization is possible only if we have already learnt and worked. It is only a matter of time and effort. When they see that you are sincere and persevering, the forces of nature themselves will come to help you, because they are faithful and true.
What is an educator? - Daily Meditations February 9, 2005
All around us we see people eager to educate others, to lecture them and put them on the right path. Even children want to educate their dolls and their dogs! But in reality, no one can educate anyone else. Speeches, explanations and orders are useless. You say: “But then, what does a spiritual Master do?” A spiritual Master does not try to change human beings, because he respects their predestination. But by means of his knowledge and virtues and by the way he behaves, he stimulates them, vivifies them and waters the good seeds in them – in other words, the gifts and virtues buried within them. These seeds then begin to grow, expand and blossom. This means that we must begin by acquiring the qualities we wish to develop in others… and this is why the job of an educator is the most difficult of all.
Educating our own cells - La Pédagogiie initiatique I –Oeuvres completes, Vol. 27 - (In French only)
Before attempting to educate others, each one of us must be an educator for our own cells. You have to realize that if a king gives a bad example to his subjects, they will imitate him and will end by deposing him. But if he gives an example of kindness, nobility and honesty, his subjects will also imitate him and do all they can to back him up. They will become so obedient and so luminous that their radiance will be outwardly visible. It is this radiance, these emanations that influence other people, animals and even plants. All that human beings create inwardly through their work, their meditations and their purity is reflected, first of all, in their own cells, and eventually their creations are exteriorized and influence others. If you do not know this law you will never realize your dreams, for things have to be created and organized inwardly before being actualized outwardly, on the physical plane
Education and schooling - Synopsis, Vol. 2 (In French only)
It is not because they are always in a crowd that adolescents acquire a natural understanding of the collectivity. They need to be helped, and parents have a special responsibility in this regard. In the first place parents should be aware of what is best for their children’s psychic development. And, contrary to the present trend, it is education in the broad sense, the formation of character rather than schooling and the acquisition of knowledge that should be given priority. It is true that young people who are able to continue their studies are in an enviable position: they have a chance to enrich their intellectual life while at the same time obtaining a diploma that will enable them to earn their living and find a place in society. Schooling is necessary, indispensable even, but it cannot communicate a true understanding of life.