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printemps Happiness
Happiness is to be found in the pursuit of an ideal - Izvor Collection #231
To pursue happiness is like pursuing a ball: just as you are close enough to catch it you give it another kick Why? So that you can continue to run after it! Yes, because it is the chase that stimulates. In reality, happiness lies in the quest, in the pursuit of a goal. So when you want something very much, don’t be in too much of a hurry to satisfy your desire, for it is the desire that inspires and galvanizes you. Try to understand this law and place in your soul and spirit desires that can never be realized: it is they that will give you life. This is the secret. Why ask for things that can be had in a few months or a few years? Look for what is furthest and most unattainable – perfection, immensity, eternity – and in doing so you will find all the rest: knowledge, wealth, power, love. Yes, you will find them without even asking for them.
Find happiness within yourself - Daily Meditations  February 9, 2001
So many men and women have put an end their own lives even though, as the saying goes, ‘they had everything they needed to be happy’: youth, beauty, intelligence, wealth, a family and friends who loved them. They had everything except the one essential: an appetite for life. That is something that all their good fortune could not give them. So it is on the inside that something needs to be changed; we have to look inward for what we need. Once you are capable of finding happiness within yourself you will be strong whatever the circumstances. Yes, even in the worst possible conditions you can be in touch with heavenly entities and feel that you have everything you need, that you are full of light. If the cause of your happiness is within you, nothing and nobody can take it from you. The day you begin to see things in this light it will be the dawn of freedom, immortality and eternity for you.
Happiness and inner work - Daily Meditations February 22, 2003
You say you want to be happy? Then work. True happiness lies in work, but obviously in work of a higher order than that which allows people to earn a living for themselves or their family. This work is necessary, but it is not enough. In order to be happy, men and women must learn to work with thought, feeling, imagination, and will-power, in order to prepare in the invisible the coming of a world of peace, harmony, and light. It is in this work that you will find fulfillment, and whatever the circumstances may be, this work will always be there for you. Upheavals in society may deprive you of all your usual activities, but you can do this inner work everywhere, even in the most difficult conditions, even in the other world. Because no one can take your intelligence, your heart, or your will from you; these are the only true riches you can always count on.