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Arbre séphirotique
Y. Marchesani

What is initiatic science ?

An initiatic school teaches us the meaning of our life on earth - Daily Meditations, August 10, 2003
The reason we have descended to earth is first of all to settle the debts we have contracted in our former incarnations. In the second place, we must understand the situation in which we now find ourselves. And finally, we must work to perfect ourselves in every domain. Most human beings do not understand the purpose of their life here on earth. They wonder what they are doing here, and while awaiting their departure, they are content to eat, drink, sleep, amuse themselves, fight, and so on. But for the disciples of initiatic science, everything is clear: they know they must rectify the mistakes made in their previous lives. Then they must seek to understand why they are in a certain country, in a certain family, why they possess certain faculties and weaknesses, and what is expected of them. They must then endeavour to develop all the seeds, that is to say all the qualities and virtues the Creator has deposited within them since the beginning of time. This is why an initiatic school is so essential: nothing surpasses the light it sheds on the meaning of a disciple’s life on earth.
What are we looking for in an initiatic school ? - Daily Meditations  April 6, 2003
What does one seek in an initiatic school? In the past, someone who wished to be admitted to such a school was subjected to certain tests that revealed his mental and psychic qualities. For example, he was locked in a room and placed before a geometrical figure (circle, square, triangle…) that he had to interpret. He was left there with a little water and some food, and a few days later he was asked to explain the results of his meditations. According to the way in which he interpreted the figure, he was either accepted into the school or refused. Now initiatic schools are open to everyone, which in one respect is a good thing; each person, if sincere, can find at least one truth at his own level which will allow him to progress. But those who are driven by vanity, greed, sensuality, or the taste for power to seek something other than their perfection are in grave psychic danger.