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A mother’s role during pregnancy

The formative power of a mother - Collection Izvor N°214
I know that for some time now scientists have been studying the effects on the foetus of outside influences, such as the mother’s emotional condition and the events that take place in her environment.
But one aspect still escapes the attention of researchers: the vital importance of the quality of the materials provided by the mother, for it is these elements that, for nine months, the child will use to form itself.
Of course, what the mother sees and hears during pregnancy do influence her child, but only superficially. The child’s constitution, temperament, strength or weakness of character, and soundness or debility of mind depend on the quality of the materials it receives from its mother. If they are of gold, figuratively speaking, the child will be mentally and psychologically healthy; but if they are of lead, the child will be sickly and vulnerable.
The importance of a woman’s thoughts and feelings during pregnancy - Collection Izvor N°214
Most women are completely unaware of the influence their way of life has on the child in their womb. They imagine that the baby has a life independent of their own and that they are free to live as they please and to entertain any kind of thought or feeling without it affecting their baby. Well, they are wrong! The psychic life of the mother has an enormous influence on the child, even on its physical life. Goethe, in his novel “Selective Affinities,” tells the story of a woman who, while pregnant by her husband, spent all her time thinking about another man, the one she loved… and when the little girl was born she had the same eyes as that man! Such is the power of an expectant mother’s thoughts and feelings. Why don’t women decide to do everything possible to have a beneficial influence on their unborn child?
The importance of a pregnant woman’s thoughts and feelings - Collection Izvor N°214
A mother who is expecting a baby should tell herself, “For the next nine months I have a marvellous opportunity to form a child who will be healthy, beautiful, intelligent, noble and full of love... a blessing for all mankind… . By the way I live, think, and feel I must make sure to give him only the purest elements that will contribute to his formation.” And then she must set to work, for once a child is born it is too late, it has already escaped her influence, she can do no more. A child’s nature is determined before it is born and if it is flawed, educators, teachers, doctors and psychiatrists can do nothing – or next to nothing.
Preparing to be parents - Collection Izvor N°214
The veritable education of a child begins before it is born. And it begins with the education of the parents who should prepare themselves inwardly long in advance in order to reach a better understanding of love, and attract an exceptional spirit into their family. They must take care to ensure that their child is conceived in purity and light, and once it is conceived, the mother, conscious of the powers nature has given her, must work to give this spirit a physical and psychic body made of the finest possible materials. If millions of parents all over the world decided to work in this way humanity would be completely transformed within three or four generations.