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A spiritual person in society

Understanding peace - Izvor collection, N° 208
A great many people are working for world peace, but in fact, they are not really doing anything to bring it about. They don't realize that the first step is to establish the reign of peace and harmony in every cell, every atom, every particle of their physical and psychic being, so that peace emanates from them into the world. They write endless books and convene endless peace conferences; everyone agrees that peace is the one thing they want, and yet they continue to feed the fires of conflict in their own hearts. In these conditions what kind of peace can they hope to bring to the world? When peace reigns in a man's own thoughts, feelings and actions then, and then only, can he truly contribute to peace in the world.
By changing mentalities the whole world will be changed - Complete Works, No. 20 (In French only)
Society is not really transformed by revolutions. After every revolution there is the same disorder, the same dishonesty, the same injustice… Persecutors and the persecuted are in different camps, but they still exist. So it is not externally that changes have to be made but in people’s mentalities. A great many people are working for a happier world but as they don’t always understand things correctly they don’t really change anything. True progress, true change takes place in the mind, in the heart and soul and thanks to light. How can you expect change to make things better if mentalities remain the same: egotistical, dishonest and treacherous? No, it is mentalities that have to be changed: by changing mentalities you will change the whole world.
How to make lasting improvements - Daily Meditations, December 31, 2002
We constantly hear people saying: ‘We must alter this… we must change that…’, and they set about changing things. They axe a few jobs here, they create a new government there, they erase a border here, they establish another there. But history teaches us that these changes are never permanent: after a while a wave comes along and washes everything away. Why? Because the impulse that governed them did not come from above, from a demand from the spirit.
Only that which originates from above, from the world of the spirit, is eternal. The rest is temporary, transitory. So, if you want to improve a situation in a way that lasts, you must rise to great heights, to the world of the spirit, and there you must work, pray, formulate requests, create images which will gradually come down to be realized on the physical plane. If you are able to activate the luminous forces on high, all obstacles will one day be swept away and a new order of harmony and peace will reign on earth.
Peace is a collective effort - Daily Meditations, January 11,  2001
We can never stress enough the importance of creating focal points of light and peace to neutralize the dark, chaotic currents circulating in space. It is time human beings learned how cosmic forces work. Physics shows us how to calculate the resultant of two interactive forces, and this law is true not only on the physical plane but also on the psychic plane. If a few thousand people work sincerely for the good of humanity on the one side, and on the other, billions are concerned only with their own affairs, are selfish, jealous, vengeful, how can you expect good and peace to win over? Just as in physics, events in the world are simply the resultant of interactive forces. You might say, “But there are more than a few thousand wishing for the triumph of good!” Yes, but so feebly, so half-heartedly! What they really want is to get up one morning and find peace, abundance and happiness on their doorstep without having to do anything to make it so. Humans wish for peace, that is true – at least a majority does – but when will they understand that through their own greed, selfish­ness, narrow-mindedness and inertia they can only bring about war.
Transform yourself in order to transform the world - Daily Meditations, March 14, 2004
Human beings have still not resolved the problems of collective life. Outwardly they may have formed nations and organized societies in which the members help each other and everyone both serves the whole and benefits from it and yet, inwardly, they remain isolated, aggressive and hostile towards one another. They have not learned how to apply all the progress they have made in their material and practical life, in the realm of organization and technology, to their inner lives. That is why, despite all this progress, humanity is still suffering from the same misfortunes: wars, poverty, famine and oppression on a scale unheard of until now.
Real improvement can take place only as a result of a profound change in mentality. Human beings need to feel connected to one another on the spiritual and psychic levels in order to form the only true society: the inner universal brotherhood. Only when every individual strives to attain the higher consciousness of unity will societies, peoples and nations begin to live in peace and freedom.
The importance of working to transform oneself
Svezda - Vie et enseignement  en France du Maître Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (In French only)

“Generally speaking, people always expect the improvements they hope for to come from other people’s efforts or from external circum­stances. The teaching (initiatic science) opens our eyes to the fact that individuals are powerless to change others or the world around them. At the same time it makes us aware of the tremendous possibilities we enjoy within ourselves thanks to the ceaseless ebb and flow of exchange between us and our environment. Every transformation of ourselves, however slight, produces change around us.

It is because they have disregarded the work of self-transformation that human beings are still powerless to find solutions to the individual, social and planetary problems they meet with in life. Some try to make a difference, but their efforts are directed to areas in which no lasting improvement is possible and they forget to work on the matter of their own being. This has given rise to the proliferation  of an egocentric philosophy, the pursuit of material goods, the negation of spiritual truths, intolerance toward others and the lack of trust between human beings that is at the root of all wars…

… The planetary importance of this teaching is evident to those who apply it in their lives, for it gives them the means to put into practice the notions they have assimilated mentally and shows them how to act in conformity with the laws of universal harmony. It is what everyone who seeks the good of mankind is looking for.”