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lever de soleil

The sun’s role in the spiritual life

The search for our own centre - Daily Meditations, August 16, 2003
Our sun is the centre of an entire planetary system which it organises, vivifies, and sustains. If the movement of the planets around the sun is considered the very picture of universal harmony, it is because the planets turn around a centre which maintains this marvellous equilibrium. If the sun were to disappear from its place at the centre, there would be chaos. And it is the same for our inner life: as long as we do not have a centre which co-ordinates, balances, and maintains the movements of the periphery, that is to say our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we cannot sustain a life and pursuits which are harmonious and constructive. So, why is it that we go to contemplate the sunrise every morning? We go to engage in a very important exercise: by observing the sun, in striving to identify with it, gradually we will find our own centre.
The sun is the best example of  divine love - Daily Meditations September 28, 2003
The sun shines, and it does not care whether the creatures who receive its rays are intelligent or stupid, good or criminal, deserving of its blessings or not. It sends light to them all without distinction. This is why the sun is said to be the best illustration of divine love. Consider the most extraordinary beings who have lived on earth: all of them have had a few prejudices, a few biases, and even a few animosities. Yes, even the greatest prophets, even the greatest masters have not been able to free themselves completely from resorting to the laws of justice and punishing the wicked, because freeing oneself in this way is extremely difficult. Only the sun regards human beings in the same way God Himself does, knowing that they are divine sparks which will one day return to the bosom of the Eternal. This is why, over thousands of years, he patiently continues to warm them, enlighten them, and vivify them. Surely this example is sufficient to stimulate us?
The sun is the image of perfection - Daily Meditations May 4, 2001
Take as a model the sun, which sheds light, warmth and life. You will say that a scientist, a writer, a philosopher, a hero, a saint can also be a model. Yes, of course, you will probably be influenced by their qualities and virtues; but there will always be something missing. Even if you take the greatest masters of the world as models, you will not get the true image of perfection. The sun is the image of perfection; and if you take it as a model because you wish to enlighten, warm and vivify creatures the same way the sun does, you will be transformed. Obviously, you will never quite obtain the light, warmth and life of the sun, but the sole desire to acquire these attributes will project you to the celestial realms where you will accomplish wonders. It is the desire to give light, warmth and life that will make you more luminous, warmer and more alive.
Human beings need to love God - Daily Meditations May 26, 2003
Like the sun, God gives us all His blessings, but if we close our heart to Him, we cannot receive them. Why open our heart to God? In reality God does not need our love, but He has fashioned human beings in such a way that they need to love Him. That is to say, they need to open themselves so that He may enter them. If they refuse to open themselves or prefer to remain below the clouds, well, that is their free choice, and God allows them to do so. You will say: ‘Yes, He lets them do it, but He becomes angry and punishes them.’ Ah! Do you really think so? God has so many things to do that are far more important than punishing or rewarding human beings. It is they who, by means of their positive or negative attitudes, trigger a state of harmony or disharmony in their own heart and soul. It is this harmony or disharmony that causes them to think either that God smiles at them or that He punishes and abandons them.
To bear fruit - Complete Works, Vol. 10 
The Creator has sown seeds in the soul, spirit, heart, mind and physical body of every human being, and if we want these seeds to grow and bear fruit we have to come closer to the sun. The day human beings understand this and begin to draw nearer to the spiritual sun, all the seeds lying dormant in him will begin to sprout and produce fruit