Artistic creation

For those who want to be artists, the Master proposes a very high ideal, according to a tradition that seems lost nowadays, but which was known, respected and applied by the greatest creators of the past.

Above all, make a masterpiece out of yourself!
The ultimate artist is the one who has taken his own flesh as a material to sculpt, his face and body as a canvas to paint, his thoughts and feelings as a clay to shape. He wants the beauty and harmony of creation to flow through him. This artist creates the art of the new culture that is coming.
… In the future one will no longer judge an artist by his writings, paintings or sculptures, one will want to know the author himself in order to admire the poetry and music that will emanate from him and his whole existence.
Everyone will want to live a poetic life, to express music through their gestures, their thoughts, their feelings, everyone will want to draw their own face and will work to sculpt themselves according to the image of God.
Obviously, to create this way requires a lot of time, effort, work, but we must not stop at this question of time… Because the work we do on ourselves remains for eternity.
Izvor No. 223, chap. XI “The Living Masterpiece”
According to esoteric science, inspiration is nothing else but a contact, a communication with a force, an intelligence, an entity that comes from the superior regions and that is using us to do what we ourselves would not be capable of doing.
For example, a poet wants to write, but his page remains blank, he feels sterile, he has no inspiration. And then suddenly something enters within him, a light, a current, and he surrenders to it: he doesn’t even have to look for his words any more, it’s as if they were dictated to him, and even he is surprised by what he writes. Where does this come from? Who is the one who knows where to find materials, assemble elements and combine them to create forms of such expressiveness?
What is inspiration? It is an entity that enters a being to take possession of him and manifest itself through him.
 Izvor No. 223, chapter II
When it comes to creating...
…It is according to these methods of meditation, contemplation, identification that the great geniuses of the past have worked: painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, and that is why they have given masterpieces to humanity. Before going to work they would go within themselves, meditate and ask for Heaven’s blessing, because only Heaven can provide the light that enlightens imagination. This is how they received the revelation of true beauty and the possibility of expressing and transmitting it.
If man can create masterpieces when he is inspired, it is because everything begins to work in him according to this spiritual light he has received. Nothing immortal can be produced apart from the spirit. Look at how many poems in ancient times began with an invocation to the gods or the muses. It was a way of showing that before creating, the artist must address higher beings to ask them to participate in his work… On his own, the human being is not so much capable of producing great, superhuman, divine creations, but he can be visited by highly evolved entities that inspire him.
Izvor No. 223, Chapter II: “The Divine Sources of Inspiration”.
Doing good to the audience
It is the end of a civilization when those whose mission it is to lead the people seek only to please them.
… Artists lack the awareness of the role they can play in transforming humanity. They do not know how to make the most of the powers that Heaven has placed in them in order to awaken souls. They waste these powers. They play, they sing or they paint, but it is not to make beings evolve, it is to distract them, to flatter their desires, their whims, or to obtain money or glory.
In reality, if you are an artist, you must undertake a masterpiece that no one else can, a masterpiece so beautiful, so edifying, that it will propel hearts and souls towards the Lord, that by looking at it, everyone will feel an impulse towards perfection awakening in them. This is how initiates understand the mission of art: to lead human beings to Heaven, and not to hell, cacophony, disorder.
Izvor n° 223, Afterword