The four elements

Earth, water, air and fire are the four elements. They are the foundations of life. Human beings need these four elements to live.

By learning how to use them consciously, he can improve his physical, mental and emotional status.

The four elements are a nourishment for us
Earth, water, air and fire, the four elements that are the matter of creation, are also a nourishment for us. Each day we consume solid and liquid foods; and the air we breathe also sustains us. As for fire, it is contained in these various foods, but also in the sunlight. All creatures benefit from sunlight, but most often unconsciously. If they did it consciously, it would be a tremendous source of abundance for them, because true nourishment exists only there. Eating, drinking, breathing provides us with life. But when we focus on the light of the rising sun, our soul and spirit are fed by fire and light, and it is only then that we can truly feel alive.


Daily Thoughts 2008, June 25
They are the foundation of our lives
In all of our activities, the four elements are present either separately or all together. Eating, drinking, breathing, thinking, loving, and even simply living are only the result of the presence and action of the four elements within us. The only reason we exist is because all four elements have given their approval. And as we die, every particle of our being will return to earth, water, air and fire. God has provided us with all four elements and we must learn to cherish them and use them with respect, because they are not merely material substances, they are very powerful and vast entities inhabited by countless living beings.


Synopsis Collection, Volume 3, Part XI, 2
The matter of creation
Earth, water, air and fire are the four elements that make up the matter of all creatures in the universe. From the stone to the throne of God, through the angelic hierarchies, it is they who give them the opportunity to manifest themselves, and according to the quantity and proportion of each one of them, creatures belong to this or that group or category.
In reality, we have not yet understood the four elements. Earth, water, air and fire manifest to us on the physical plane in their most dense, material form. But it is at the top of the Tree of Life, in the Sephira Kether, where the true earth, water, air and fire are found. They are traditionally represented as a bull, an eagle, a man and a lion. It is they whom Christians call the Seraphim, and the Kabbalah the ” Hayoth haKodesch “: the Holy Animals.


Daily Meditations 2013, March 5

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