For peace to reign between families, countries, religions, social classes, political parties, it is essential that each person ensures that it is first established in himself.

Peace is first and foremost a state of consciousness
What is peace? For most people, this word means the possibility of living happily without any aggression. But in reality, peace is something else; it is the most intense work that can be done in the world by beings who have understood that it is first and foremost an inner state. This state is the result of a victory won by hard struggle over all the psychological tensions that disrupt us.
To achieve peace in us, we must restore the link between our consciousness and the spiritual centers in our brain and solar plexus each day. When we have achieved this, neither the worries nor the anxieties really have any hold on us. But we must hold on firmly to a steady point within us, because if not, nothing and no one can bring us peace from the outside.


Daily Meditations 2008, August 23rd
Peace, victory of the divine nature in man
Peace is not to be found on the physical plane, peace is the result of an agreement, a balance, a harmony between all the elements that constitute the human being. And if it is so difficult to obtain peace, it is precisely because these elements are rarely in harmony. When a human being has intelligent thoughts, his heart pushes him to do crazy things. Or when he is inspired by the best desires, it is his will that is weak. In such disharmony, how can there be peace? Peace is the last thing man can acquire. Yet after hesitations, struggles, falls and victories, when he finally succeeds in making his divine nature triumph over all the revolts and racket of his inferior nature, only then can he say: “I have found peace!


Complete Works, Volume VII, Chapter 6
Purity, a condition of peace
Without purity you can neither be healthy nor happy, but most of all you can’t be at peace. If Initiates work only on purity, it is because they have understood that at the slightest impurity in their physical body, in their feelings or in their thoughts, peace is already gone. Purity is therefore the condition for peace.
Peace is nothing more than the result of harmony among all the elements that make up the human being: the mind, the soul, the intellect, the heart, the will and even the physical body.
Just a few minutes of silence from time to time doesn’t mean anything, it’s not peace yet. And peace is not about living somewhere alone to avoid being bothered by people. Not at all! Because even if you go to the most isolated mountain areas, you will not be at peace because you will have taken your “transistor” with you! You will say that you are not taking your transistor to the mountains… Yes you are, you are carrying with you the same thoughts and feelings that are troubling you, the same grudges, the same worries and concerns. So how do you expect to find peace?


Complete Works : The Mysteries of Sesod, t. VII, chap. I: “Peace and Purity”
A stable and sustainable peace
When the human being succeeds in being sufficiently vigilant to keep his kingdom, the kingdom he embodies himself, intact, only then will he achieve stable and sustainable peace. And what will this peace be like? An indescribable bliss, an uninterrupted symphony, a sublime state of consciousness where all the cells bathe in an ocean of light, swim in the living waters and feed on ambrosia… He then lives in such harmony that all of Heaven is reflected through him: he starts to see all the splendors he had not seen before because he was too agitated, too confused and his inner, even outer, view could not focus on the things to see them. Only peace makes it possible to see and understand the presence of subtle realities, which is why Initiates, who have come to taste true peace, discover the wonders of the universe.


Izvor No. 208, chap. I “For a better understanding of peace”

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