The unity of religions

The various religions emerge and develop according to places, time periods and mentalities. Each of them, with different forms, has the purpose of helping us to understand the meaning of life and to give us the keys to live a good and happy life.

Nevertheless, while the forms may vary from one religion to another, the essential truths remain unchanged. For this reason, it is important not to focus on the forms of religions, but on the principles and values they teach. The forms are only a channel that allow us to access the knowledge of truth. They can be different and evolve over time.

Everyone will therefore find the form that corresponds to him, but the message of the religions is universal*.

* To read more about this topic: A philosophy of Universality, Izvor No. 206
A living religion takes into account the evolution of mentalities
Their sacred books, the Old and New Testaments, remain largely inaccessible to the understanding of Christians. They respect them, worship them, they are convinced that the Bible is of divine inspiration, but all these texts written so long ago no longer correspond to their mentality. Why? Because the founders of the great religions, the Initiates of the past have spoken for a certain time-period. Even if there are a certain number of truths that remain valid for eternity, they must, in each era, be adapted to the mentalities of people. To take them literally may only result in making them incomprehensible or even shocking. Jesus himself came to extend Moses’ teaching. He said: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come not to abolish, but to fulfill.” To remain alive, a religion must take into account the evolution of mentalities, because this evolution is wanted by God Himself.


 Thought of March 18, 2004
Inter-religious relationships and influences throughout history
A religion is only a form that the spirit takes to manifest itself. However, no form remains unchanged. Christianity, which was born in the Middle East, received from the very start certain elements of the Greek and Latin cultures; they were added to the elements inherited from the Jewish religion, which had itself been influenced by the religions of the neighboring countries: Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc. A religion is never born out of nothing, it is made of elements from previous religions and is transformed as it spreads from its origin . This is how the people of Africa, America or Asia, who have been converted to Christianity, have mixed elements of their own culture into it. Like it or not, religions are changing. Even if they remain the same sacred texts, there is an increasing gap between what people read and the way they think and act. Evolution is the law of life, therefore it is not reasonable to continue to eternalise the forms of a religion.


Thought of June 17, 2004
The single essence of the various religions
Religion is first and foremost a science based on the knowledge of the human being as he was created, in the image of God. We can therefore say that the foundations of religion are embedded in the human being himself. By creating man, God has put his seal on him, and no matter what he does, the human being cannot free himself from it, it is imprinted in his structure. From this point of view, the human being is not absolutely free, he cannot escape this imprint, this pattern of construction of his being. On the other hand, the greatest freedom has been given to him to manifest this divine predestination that he carries within. This is how the diversity of religions can be explained, which, depending on the time and place, have taken the most varied and richset forms.


Thought of May 20, 2003
A solar spirituality
To understand what true religion is, human beings must come closer to the light, warmth and life of the sun, that is, to seek the wisdom that enlightens and solves all problems, the selfless love that embellishes, encourages and consoles, the subtle and spiritual life that makes active, dynamic and bold, in order to realize on earth God’s Kingdom and its Righteousness. And this religion, no one can oppose it: if you try to destroy it, you destroy yourself, because you limit yourself. Once this understanding of a universal religion penetrates the minds, the whole organization of life will become universal: there will be no more separations between humans, no more boundaries, no more wars. Through understanding the sun in its sublime manifestations of light, warmth and life, humans will come closer and closer to the Divinity, and they will make the Earth a garden of paradise where they will all live as brothers and sisters. All of us need to accept the universal religion and the brotherhood that the sun teaches us.


Thought of May 4, 2004

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