Created and transmitted by an exceptional being like the Master Peter Deunov, or by certain composers whose inspiration is very elevated, music and song are gifted with a magical power over souls.The musician, the singer, the listener have access to unknown regions of inexpressible beauty, and it is not uncommon for them to cry with joy. Our soul begins to vibrate as never before, for it rediscovers a native purity and lightness, and remembers a distant time when it lived with the angels in the light of the sun, in the stars.

The soul remembers its homeland
Throughout the universe, everything vibrates, everything sings: each created being, from stones to stars, emits vibrations that propagate in sound waves. When the higher consciousness awakens in someone, when they develop within them more subtle perceptions, they will begin to hear this grandiose symphony that resounds through space, and they will then understand the meaning of life.
…When we listen to certain mystical music, we feel that it awakens in our soul the memory of a heavenly homeland, the nostalgia of a lost paradise. The effect is immediate, instantaneous: we remember that we came from heaven and that one day we will return to heaven.
Coll. Synopsis 2, part III, 4 : “Art and life”, III
Musical vibrations create an atmosphere
The sounds of instruments, the sounds of voices have an immense power on our psychic and spiritual bodies because of the intensity of the vibrations they produce. So it is important to be aware of the effects of music; and then, to seek how to use all these vibrations, which, amplified by the emotions of those who play it or who listen to it,  create a favourable atmosphere for the visit of angelic creatures.
The angels and all heavenly entities live in harmony, that is why it is said that they are attracted to music and song. This belief has its source in very ancient times. As far as we go back in human history, music and song have accompanied sacred ceremonies. The heavenly entities love music for they are themselves music. In order to translate this reality so many painters have represented Paradises populated with luminous creatures who sing and play diverse instruments, harps, lyres, flutes and trumpets…
                     Daily Meditations 2014, 6 June
An experience of youth
One day, during one of the breathing exercises, I felt myself carried into space, very far, very high, and suddenly I heard that the whole universe was singing: the mountains, the trees, the seas, the whole earth, and also the suns, the stars, everything sang.
All of Creation was just music. No human music can compare to what I heard. I said “I heard”, but in fact it is only a manner of speaking: this music could not be heard with the physical ears, but with the soul and spirit.
This symphony of the whole universe, which poets or philosophers like Pythagorus and Plato have called the «  harmony of the spheres » or « the music of the spheres ». Everything that exists emits sounds…The music of the spheres is this synthesis of all the languages which Creation uses in order to manifest.
           Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Elements of Autobiography 1, chap. VII ‘In the universal symphony’
Music gives momentum
Music is a bursting forth of forces, a unison of vibrations, that is why it can be a real support to us in spiritual work.
On this vast sea that is the world, we can compare music to the wind that fills the sail of a boat and pushes it towards new horizons. Are you looking for light, love and beauty? Strive to feel the music as a great wind that blows in the sail of your boat in order to carry you to the spiritual regions where you will find everything you seek. Sound, like wind, is a propelling force, and it is up to you to choose the direction in which you wish to be taken.
          Dictionary of the book of nature, Article  ” Wind in the sails”
Song lightens us and heals us
What do we know about angels? They are represented as winged creatures that sing…like birds. We associate angels and birds with the idea of lightness, flight and also song.
Isn’t this an invitation to let go of everything that weighs us down?  How many mental disorders could be healed by singing! For the vibrations of the voice also have the power to break up the dark presences that try to cling to humans.
Singing is an expression of life: life itself is nothing other than song. And what could be more necessary, more invigorating than tearing ourselves away from the heavy atmosphere that surrounds us, and soaring to these realms where everything is harmonious, luminous and light?
          Daily Meditations 2014, 7 October
A musician is like a flower in the sunshine …
If I had more sophisticated material and technical possibilities, I would like to spend some time recording the music of the sun, to transform its light into music and sound. For its music spreads throughout the universe, and it is the most beautiful of all music! When scientists take this seriously, the whole world will be amazed, dazzled and delighted to hear the marvellous music that comes from the sun.
And the sun does not only send music into space, it also pours out scents in profusion, all the quintessences of all the flowers. If we do not smell them, it is our sense of smell that is not yet subtle enough. Among all the exquisite perfumes coming from the sun, the flowers of the earth choose those that suit their nature. They are not the ones who make their scent, they are just able to capture it and transmit it to us when we smell them.
So in breathing in the scent of flowers, we will discover the scents of the sun. That is yet another truth that will be verified one day. But it will still take a long time before the scents of the sun are captured. Recording its music will happen more quickly.
Complete Works, vol. X, chap XX ‘The sun, heart of the universe’