Some key themes of the Teaching

The lecture extracts below reflect only a very fragmented aspect of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s philosophy. The themes chosen for this section have been the subject of many different analyses by the author and we invite the reader to refer to his entire work.

  • Life

    Life is one. But depending on how we live, it has an infinite number of degrees, from the most ordinary to the most sublime. The sublime life is our greatest asset.

  • The role of the sun

    The sun has a central place in its planetary system, in all the nature of Earth, in our human existence.

  • Happiness

    Everyone is looking for happiness, but we don't necessarily know where to find it. Human beings are experimenting.

  • Peace

    For peace to reign between families, countries, religions, social classes, political parties, it is essential ...

  • Women

    She holds a more and more important place in society and very particularly in the West; little by little, ...

  • The unity of religions

    The various religions emerge and develop according to places, time periods and mentalities. ....

  • Spiritual work

    Spiritual work is an activity that allows the human being to acquire what he needs to be entirely happy and fulfilled.

  • The 4 elements

    Earth, water, air and fire are the four elements. They are the foundations of life. Human beings need these four elements for life.

  • Reincarnation

    ``You only have one life, you only live once,`` say many people in the West. As a result, some people want to experience everything.

  • Inner wealth

    The human being has countless treasures and qualities within him. It is up to him to become aware of them and to develop them.

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition just like breathing is an essential element for human beings to be able to live. The way we eat...

  • The spiritualist in society

    The genuine spiritualist has long sought out the divine nature and human nature within himself.

  • The two principles, emissive and receptive

    A fountain flows, you fill your glass, you drink…someone speaks, you listen to them, you reply…: the two principles are everywhere, one is emissive, the other receptive, one gives, the other receives

  • The population of our cells

    To be like a sun at the centre of our own body

  • Artistic creation

    All colours, forms and materials are at the service of light

  • Love

    Love brings happiness, it makes life beautiful

  • Music

    Initiatic music reminds us of our true divine origin

  • The human face

    The structure of our face reflects the sacred architecture of the psychic and spiritual worlds