Nutrition, like breathing, is an essential part of what a human being needs to live.
The way we eat will influence the quality of our lives.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov talks about the quality of the food we eat, but he also and above all insists on the way we eat.

It is certainly important to eat healthy food, but it is also essential to eat in a calm and harmonious environment so that the physical body can take full advantage of the food it absorbs.

Nutrition* is an opportunity to work. It can be thought of as a yoga.

It is good to learn to eat properly and consciously.

By doing this work, we take full advantage of the food we absorb and our whole being benefits from it.

The way we eat is important not only for our physical health, but also for our innermost and emotional well-being.


* For further reading: The Yoga of Nutrition, Izvor No. 204
A conscious attitude during meals
The attitude towards food is still only an instinct that humans have in common with animals; they have not yet understood the spiritual importance of the act of eating, they do not know how to eat. Observe them during mealtime: they absorb food mechanically, unconsciously, they swallow it without chewing, they stir up chaotic thoughts and feelings in their minds and hearts, and often they even argue while eating. This is how they disrupt the good functioning of their organism: no process takes place properly anymore, neither digestion, secretions, nor the elimination of toxins.
Thousands of people get sick without knowing that their ailments are caused by the way they eat. Just look at what happens in families: before a meal, no one has anything to say to each other, everyone is busy in their own corner reading, listening to the radio or tinkering… But as soon as they sit down to eat, everyone has stories to tell or even scores to settle, and they talk, they argue, they quarrel. After such a meal you need to rest or even sleep, because you feel drowsy, tired, and those who have to work will do so without enjoyment or enthusiasm. Whereas he who has eaten properly is lucid and well disposed.


Izvor Collection No. 204 – chap. I
The atmosphere during meals influences our nervous system
A meal is a magical ceremony through which food must be transformed into health, strength, love and light. Observe yourself: when you have eaten in a state of agitation, anger, or revolt, you will manifest yourself with bitterness, nervousness, partiality all day long, and if you have difficult problems to solve, things will always lean to the negative side. You then try to justify yourself by saying, ” Hey, man, what can I do, I can’t help it, I’m nervous,” and to calm yourself down you take medication, which doesn’t help much. To improve the state of your nervous system, learn to eat.


Izvor Collection No. 204 – Chapter II
Food is imbued with cosmic influences
If you are more aware, if you understand the richness and value of food, you will be able to receive and decipher the messages it conveys: it will tell you how all the particles that make it up have crossed the universe, which beings have worked to make it grow, which entities have been constantly busy, day and night, infusing it with this or that property to be useful to creatures. It has even recorded the imprints left by all those who worked in the fields or walked by it. Yes, the knowledge we receive in such a way by eating is a living knowledge, for it permeates the whole matter of our being. Do not believe that it is sufficient to read, study and reflect in order to develop one’s intellectual faculties. No, study and reflection are essential activities but insufficient to nourish the mental body.
In addition to the etheric, astral and mental bodies, the human being possesses other even more subtle bodies, centers of the superior mind, soul and spirit, which must also be nourished. You will nourish them by allowing yourself to be filled with a sense of gratitude towards the Creator. This feeling of gratitude will open the celestial doors through which you will receive the greatest blessings: for gratitude is capable of transforming coarse matter into particles of light that will be distributed everywhere within you, in the brain, the solar plexus, and all the organs.


Synopsis Collection n°1 – VI-
communing with food
As you prepare your meal, remember to touch the food imbuing it with your love. Speak to it, say: “You who bear the life of God, I love you, I appreciate you, I know the wealth you possess. I have a whole family to feed, my cells, billions of people within me, so be kind, give them this life. “If you get used to talking to food in this way, it will transform within you not only into physical energies, but also into psychic and spiritual energies, for you will have known how to commune with nature itself, which is the work of God. Once you are conscious that God has put his life into food, then, at the moment when you are about to eat, you will be like the priest who blesses the bread and the wine, and every day, at each meal, you will receive the divine life.


Collection Synopsis n°2 VI – 2 – III
A brotherly distribution of food in the world
Human beings do not study the lesson of mutual aid and brotherhood given to them by their organism so wisely created by Cosmic Intelligence. That is why society is a sick organism, and twice as sick, since some accumulate to the point of saturation while others are more and more destitute; exactly as is happening in the field of food where, some are stuffing themselves with food, while others are starving to death.
Therefore, a reflection on the distribution of wealth must begin with a reflection on the distribution of food. By accumulating more than necessary, one takes away from others, and if many do so, some will have too much and others not enough and this leads to an imbalance in the world. Most conflicts have their origin in greed, avarice and a lack of moderation of those who accumulate wealth: food, but also land, objects that others are deprived of. It is time for the collective consciousness to awaken in order to understand and foresee the far-reaching consequences, the disruptions that these tendencies can cause.


Synopsis collection n°2 VI – IV-5
Nutrition and civilisation
And I will even say something that will astonish you: as long as man is not capable of giving to the act of nutrition a wider, deeper dimension, he has no right to claim himself cultivated, civilized. This is a test for me. Once humans learn to eat with an enlightened consciousness, thinking with gratitude that the whole universe has worked to produce those fruits, vegetables, and cereals through which they receive life, yes, then, we will be able to speak of culture and civilization.


Synopsis Collection n°1 VI – 5

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