As interactions between cultures and religions are increasing nowadays, almost everyone has heard of the Eastern philosophy of reincarnation. And Westerners, by admitting or adopting this vision of the world, are beginning to free themselves from certain constraints, certain fears – death, hell -, certain revolts when faced with inequalities, suffering or destiny.

Many people no longer believe that life is absurd, they now understand that thoughts, feelings and actions have specific consequences: thus we are ourselves, individuals or communities, the craftsmen of our happiness or misfortune.

This is a major step forward towards human responsibility and dignity.

Apparent injustices are given an explanation
In life, we encounter healthy, beautiful, intelligent, rich beings who benefit from the best conditions and succeed in everything they do, and others who are so disadvantaged that, whatever they do, they go from failure to failure. What is the origin of this inequality of conditions? Many people are often shocked by what seems to be a real injustice of fate.
If you ask scientists about the reasons for these inequalities, the majority will tell you that they are due to coincidence.
And if you choose to meet priests, pastors, they will answer that it is God’s will.
Sometimes they will mention predestination and grace, but this only adds another unfair factor. In any case, saying “it is the will of God” is not very different from saying that “it is a coincidence”…
… No, in reality, there is an explanation for all the apparent injustices in life: it is the law of reincarnation. And the Church has not realized that by denying this law, it presented the Lord as being a true monster.
The explanation is that God originally gave us everything, but He also gave us freedom, and it is this freedom that we have used to make costly experiences. So the Lord who is generous, patient, lets us do it, saying:
” They are my children. They will suffer, they will bang their heads, but it doesn’t matter, because I will still provide them with my treasures and my love. They have many reincarnations ahead of them… They will learn and they will become wiser.”
So, He has given us freedom, and now whatever bad thing happens to us is our fault, we deserve it. And everything good that happens to us, we also deserve it, it is the result of our efforts in previous incarnations….
… The knowledge of this law of reincarnation is also one of the foundations of morality. As long as humans have not been made aware of this law of causes and consequences, which continues to affect them from one existence to the next, we can try to reason them by preaching as much as we want, it will not be of much use, they will not change. And not only do they not change, but they also revolt by considering themselves victims of social injustice, and envy and fight those they consider more privileged than they are, and thus make the situation even more complicated. But he who knows that the difficulties and trials he encounters in this existence are the result of his past transgressions, not only accepts these difficulties, but also decides to work for the benefit of the good, in order to improve his future incarnations.
Quoted from Izvor Collection No. 202, Chapter VIII
Faith comes from past life experiences
Why is it obvious for some people to believe in God, but not at all for others? The explanation is simple: every human being is born on earth with the sum of the experiences he has had in his previous incarnations. Whatever he has studied, and confirmed in his previous lives, has been recorded in his soul and manifests itself as the intuition of the divine world. If he now acknowledges the existence of his heavenly Father, it is because he has long been with Him, he has been in communion with Him, and he has been marked by such powerful imprints that he can’t doubt it: he knows. Faith is therefore a knowledge based on experience. He who, in his previous incarnations, has lived in the lower regions of his being draws from these experiences conclusions that he naturally takes for the truth. And he who has lived in the higher regions of the soul and spirit also draws conclusions, but these conclusions are obviously different.


Daily Meditations 2004, August 23rd
Reincarnation excludes chauvinism and fanaticism
A country is like a river where for a certain time souls of great diversity meet, brought down precisely in this place by a decree of destiny: some already originate from this country, but most of them originate from somewhere else. Therefore, when some, in the name of love for their country, believe themselves entitled to despise other countries or even to hate them, they do not suspect, ignorant as they are, that in another incarnation they were citizens of these countries and that they held the same stupid and narrow-minded arguments towards the country they now want to defend… A country is only our country for the current incarnation. How many French people have hated Germany or England without imagining that in a previous incarnation they were Germans or English and that they had hated France at the time!… This law is the same for all the countries in the world and it also applies to the religions. How many Christians hate Jews or Muslims, without even imagining for a second that, in another incarnation, they were themselves Jews or Muslims! And the same for Jews and Muslims… Belonging to a nation or a religion is always a time-limited experience.


Daily Meditations 2001, January 28
It would have been wiser to enlighten than to inspire fear
Up to the sixth century, Christians believed in reincarnation, as did Jews, Egyptians, Hindus, Tibetans, etc… But probably the Fathers of the Church thought that this belief was delaying things, that people were in no hurry to improve, and so they wanted them to perfect themselves in a single life by suppressing the belief of reincarnation. Moreover, little by little, the Church invented such terrible things to frighten them that in the Middle Age people only believed in devils, Hell and eternal punishment. So the belief of reincarnation was suppressed for people to improve because of fear and anxiety, but not only did they not improve, they got to be even worse… and ignorant on top of that! That is why we must return to this belief, otherwise nothing is right: life is a nonsense, the Lord is a monster, etc….


Taken from the Complete Works – Volume 12, chap. VIII

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