Everyone is looking for happiness, but they don’t necessarily know where to find it.

The human being makes experiences thinking he is finding happiness and so he progresses little by little in this perpetual quest to be happy.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov gives us the keys to understand what true happiness is all about.

True happiness is a state of consciousness and does not depend on external conditions and events.

One is happy and does not know how to explain it.

There are no particular reasons that can explain the peace and fulfilment one feels.

It is wonderful to reach this inner state that characterizes true happiness.

It is the quest for an ideal that makes people happy
Seeking happiness is like running after a ball that you kick when you are about to catch it. Why? So you can keep running after it! It is in this race that we feel stimulated; it is in this quest, this urge to reach the goal that we actually find happiness. So when you have a desire, do not hasten to satisfy it, because it is the desire that motivates you, that fulfills you. So try to understand this law and put in your soul, in your mind, desires that you will never be able to realize: it is these desires that will make you feel alive. Yes, that’s the secret. Why ask for something that can be achieved in a few months, in a few years? Go searching for what is the most remote and impossible to attain: perfection, immensity, eternity, and on the way you will find everything else: knowledge, wealth, power, love… You will have them without even asking for them


Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov – Izvor N° 231, chap. XIV
Finding happiness in yourself
How many men and women have taken their lives when, as others say, “they had everything to be happy”: youth, beauty, intelligence, wealth, a family and friends who loved them. They had everything except for the essential: the taste of life; and that, none of the advantages they had could provide it to them. It is therefore in man himself that something needs to be changed first, it is inwardly that he must look for what he needs. When you are able to find happiness within yourself, you will be strong in whatever condition you find yourself in. Indeed, in the worst conditions, you will be able to communicate with the celestial entities and feel fulfilled, filled with light. If the cause of your happiness is within you, nothing and no one can deprive you of it. The day when you manage to see things like that, will be your beginning of freedom, immortality, eternity.


Daily Meditations 2001, february 9
Happiness and inner work
Do you want to be happy? Work.  True happiness is found in activity, but obviously an activity that is superior to that which allows you to earn a little money to support yourself or your family. This work is necessary, but not sufficient. To be happy, man must learn to work with his thoughts, feelings, imagination and willpower in order to prepare in the invisible world the coming of a world of peace, harmony and light. It is this work that will give him fulfilment, and whatever the events, he will always continue to have this work.


 Daily Meditations 2003, February 22nd
True happiness is happiness without a cause
Someone says, “I’m happy because… “Well, the mere fact that he gives a cause to his happiness is a proof that he does not possess true happiness. For true happiness is happiness without a cause. Yes, you are happy and you don’t know why. You find it wonderful to live, breathe, eat, talk and you don’t know why. Nothing happened to you, no gifts, no heritage, no pretty women. You are happy, because it is something that is being added from above, a spiritual element that does not even depend on you…, like water that flows from the sky… That is true happiness.


Complete Works, Volume XX (ed. 1984), September 7
Love without waiting to be loved
Everyone has their own concerns, their own problems, and if you always wait for help and understanding, for love, you will never be happy. Someone may be near you at one point, but the next moment they will no longer be there, and you will suffer. That is why I tell young people: “If you are constantly waiting to be loved, you will suffer because you are counting on things that are too uncertain. One moment you will be loved, but the next moment you will not know what might happen. You can’t count on the love of others. It may come, of course, it may come even unceasingly, and if it does, it is more than welcome, but it is not to be counted on. “Do you want to be happy? Do not ask to be loved, but you love, love day and night, and you will be constantly happy. Maybe one day you will experience a wonderful love… Yes, why not? It may come, but don’t expect it.


Complete Works, Volume XX (ed. 1984) October 9
Universal love
Happiness is to love infinitely, not to settle on one or two beings… or ten… or one hundred… Continue to love those you love, but also love angels, archangels, all heavenly hierarchies, the Lord, and your family, your friends will find themselves being enriched, strengthened, beautified, purified because of what you so sublimely nurture in your heart and in your soul. Expand the circle of your love to interact with all the superior creatures from whom you will receive inspiration, support, protection…


Complete Works – Volume XIX (edi. 1984), June 26
The soul is thirsty for infinity
Whatever they do in life, whether they have a job, a family, money, hobbies, many people are not happy, and they don’t know why. Yet it is very clear: they have failed to meet the needs of their soul. The soul’s need is to live in the infinite space, in immensity. Now, people constantly oppress their soul, restrict it, suffocate it; they want it to be content with trivial things, petty occupations. The soul suffers and complains: “Why did you uproot me? My element is infinity, only there do I feel happy.” So make the experience, at least for a few minutes, to let your soul expand, expand even more, expand to infinity…, and then observe how you feel. Let it be until it merges with the whole universe, you will experience an indescribable sensation… Yes, people constantly imprison their souls, because they forget that it is a daughter of God and can only be happy in the infinity of space.


Complete Works – Volume XX (ed. 1984), May 21

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