The role of the sun in the spiritual life

The sun has a central place in its planetary system, in all of earth’ s nature, in our human existence. It creates and regenerates life, it inspires intelligence and action, its beauty brings joy to the heart. It offers the image of perfection, it is a symbol of the Divine.

The search of our own centre
Our sun is the centre of a whole planetary system that it supports, organizes and vivifies. If the movement of the planets around the sun is considered to be the very image of universal harmony, it is precisely because the planets revolve around a centre that maintains this wonderful balance. If the sun were to disappear from its central place, chaos would follow. And the same applies to our inner life: as long as we do not have a centre that sustains, balances and coordinates the movements of the periphery, in other words our thoughts, feelings and actions, we cannot have a harmonious, constructive life and activity. So why do we go to watch the rising sun in the morning? For a highly important exercise. By looking at the sun, by trying to identify with it, we gradually find our own centre.


Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Daily Meditations 2003, August 16
The sun is the best illustration of divine love
The sun shines, and it shines without worrying about whether the creatures to whom it sends its rays are intelligent or stupid, good or criminal, whether they deserve or not its benefits: it shines on all them without distinction. This is why we can say that the sun is the best illustration of divine love. Look at the most extraordinary beings that have ever existed on earth: all have had some preconceptions, some preferences and even some animosities. Yes, even the greatest prophets, even the greatest Masters, could not completely free themselves from the need to apply the law of justice and punish the evil ones, because nothing is more difficult. Only the sun looks at human beings in the same way as God does. He knows that they are divine sparks that will one day return to the bosom of the Lord. That is why for thousands of years he has had the patience to keep heating, enlightening and vivifying them. Isn’t this example enough to stimulate us?


Daily Meditations 2003, September 18
The sun teaches us religion and universal brotherhood
True religion teaches human beings to come closer to the light, warmth and life of the sun, that is, to seek the wisdom that enlightens and solves problems, the selfless love that embellishes, encourages and consoles, the subtle and spiritual life that makes active, dynamic and bold, in order to realize on earth the Kingdom of God and its Justice. That is why no one can fight this religion; if you try to destroy it, you will destroy yourself, because you limit yourself.
When this understanding of a universal religion will penetrate the minds, the whole organization of life will become universal: there will be no more separations between human beings, no more borders, no more wars. Everyone must accept the universal religion and brotherhood that the sun teaches us. By understanding the sun in its sublime manifestations of light, warmth and life, humans will get closer and closer to the Divinity, and the earth will become a garden of paradise where all men will live as brothers.



Complete Works – Volume XXII (ed. 1986), 29 June
The image of perfection is the sun
The image of perfection is the sun; and if you take it as a model, in the desire to enlighten,to warm and to vivify creatures like it, you will transform yourself. You will never have this light, this warmth and this life of the sun, it is obvious, but only the desire to acquire them will project you into the heavenly regions where you will do wonders. It is in the desire to give light, warmth and life that you will become more luminous, warmer, more alive.


Daily Meditations 2001, May 4
Man needs to love God
Like the sun, God gives us all his blessings, but if we close our hearts to Him, we will not receive them. Why open our hearts to God? In reality, God does not need our love, but He has built man in such a way that it is he who needs to love God, that is, to open himself so that He can penetrate him. If he does not open or if he prefers to stay under the clouds, of course it is free, God lets him do so. You will say, “Okay, He lets him do it, but He is irritated and He punishes him. “Think about it! God has more important things to do than punish or reward humans. It is they who, through their good or bad attitude, trigger in their hearts and souls harmonious or disharmonious states, which make them think that God protects and smiles at them, or abandons and punishes them.


Daily Meditations 2003, May 26
To give fruits
In order for the seeds that have been put into our soul, our spirit, our heart, our intellect, our physical body to grow, we must get closer to the sun. The day when human beings start to draw closer to the spiritual sun, all the seeds placed in them will be able to grow, flourish and bear fruit.


Complete Works – Volume X, Chapter IV

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