Collective activities on a congress day

Spiritual, artistic, and physical activities alternate harmoniously throughout the day.

  • Sunrise

    Outdoor meditation at sunrise, in the spring and summer, provides us with gifts of energy, light and joy.

  • Breathing

    What mysterious relationship exists between the breath and our life, our incarnated existence?... Becoming conscious of our breath, this perpetual coming and going, is to tune ourselves to the rhythms that vivify all the worlds, big and small.

  • Gymnastics

    These gymnastic exercises are not intended to shape the body or strengthen the muscles, but to allow the currents of life-giving energy to circulate harmoniously.

  • Choral singing

    Choral singing teaches us to unite our differences into a harmonious whole. Rehearsals of four-part choral singing are held regularly. In addition to the mixed four-voice choir, there is a choir of sisters and...

  • Paneurhythmia

    To music he had composed, Master Peter Deunov indicated a series of movements of serene harmony. Consciously performed, this sacred dance connects man with the...

  • Audition of conferences

    Numerous recorded lectures convey the entire Teaching and let us taste the exceptional atmosphere created by the Master. When he arrived...

  • Joint spiritual work

    All our individual states of prayer, silence and worship are called to consciously unite in order to create a powerful and beneficial atmosphere.

  • Meals in silence

    `` Hrani yoga `` or the yoga of nutrition encourages a spiritual practice of the act of eating. It consists of creating silence within and directing our attention to the food, considering it as a gift, with respect and gratitude.

  • Listening to music

    While listening to music, use it to work, to shape with your mind whatever you wish... Music is a very powerful aid to...

  • Artistic creation

    Art in its various forms of painting, theatre, dance, etc., is particularly appreciated in the teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood. Workshops, as well as artistic events are organized periodically: concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances...

  • The awakening of the children

    It is about encouraging children's sense of the wonderful and the sacred, and at the same time their ease in the concrete world of materials, forms, gestures and all modes of expression. Many...

  • Daily tasks

    Make every gesture in daily life shine like a drop of dew in the sun.