Women and the future of humanity

She holds a more and more important place in society and very particularly in the West; little by little, she acquires social and political rights. Because of her acknowledged qualities, she is at the forefront of many fields. Is it her turn to dominate, or could there be a better alternative?

When women wake up...
Neither man nor woman should be dominating, but each of them should strive to dominate their own area. It is normal for women to want to conquer freedom and the rights that men had deprived them of, but they must try to achieve this by developing the resources of their own nature, and not by imitating men in their way of life, their behaviour, their way of being, etc.
Izvor n° 237, ch IV
For centuries men have been abusing their authority over women; they have been selfish, unjust, violent, cruel, and now, of course, women are waking up. However, they do not awaken with the light, they awaken to take their revenge, which is not any better, even for themselves. Instead, women must forgive men; since they are their mothers, since they have more love than men, since their nature leads them to be good, forgiving, generous, ready to sacrifice themselves, they must not seek revenge. Women must now awaken to greater virtues, to rise above their personal interests.
All the women of the world must unite for a constructive work with men and with the children they give birth to.
Izvor n° 214, ch XII
The complementarity of men and women
According to true esoteric science, nothing is more important than the masculine and feminine principles, men and women. And the day when both of them understand what they really represent, life will completely change, social life, economic life and even cosmic life, and I am absolutely sure that the Kingdom of God will then come on Earth. Why is this currently impossible? Because men and women do not know how to look at each other, appreciate each other, get to know each other, or behave, because behavior depends on what people think and how they see things.


 Complete Works, Volume 7, Part II, II
The inspiring women
… With her thoughts, her glances, her attitude, a woman is able to lead a man to perform the most noble acts. Men only want to be exalted, inspired by women, so as long as women do not have this ideal in their minds, and only think of abandoning themselves to the first person to satisfy their desires and pleasures, they will remain outside their true vocation. Women are called upon to educate men.
You will say: “But she is so much weaker and more delicate than he is! How can she possibly oppose to him? »
She doesn’t have to be against him! It is enough for her to think about inspiring him and leading him in the best direction. And then, as I told you, she can also educate him in another way: by educating her sons, and they will respect women for the rest of their life because of their mother. Yes, by the daily influence they can have on their sons, mothers are able to create upright, noble, generous characters…


 Izvor Series No. 214, c. XII
Women and their creative imagination
… By considering her husband as the manifestation of the heavenly Father, the woman already magically connects him to the heavenly Father. So you don’t think it works? Well, you are mistaken, because at that moment the virtues of the heavenly Father start to flow through the husband, and now this man starts to change, without even knowing why. It is because his wife, by loving him, by telling him: “Oh, you are handsome, you are intelligent, you are wise! “has linked him to the heavenly Father. He may not be any of those things, but these words are in his head and he is making an effort not to disappoint her. And so this woman, who is enlightened, improves herself by making efforts, and at the same time transforms her husband.


 Izvor Collection No. 214, ch. V,II
The collective women
God has given great powers to men and women, but these powers are different. What women can do, men cannot do, and what men can do, women cannot. Women provide matter and men provide life, that is, the spirit. Everyone knows this on a physical level, but on a divine level we ignore these great mysteries. From this day forward, all women must unite to form a collective Woman who will give birth to a new life for all humanity.
…The power of women is immense, because they possess a special magnetism in the form of small subtle particles that escape from them. It is therefore not so much in the physical plane that she is most powerful, but in the field of emanations. If women have been portrayed as magicians, fairies, it is because of these emanations that nature has given them (…)


Izvor Series No. 214, c. XIII
The Kingdom of God, the child of the Cosmic Women
When women decide to consecrate themselves to Heaven in order that all this wonderful material they possess can be used for a divine purpose, all over the world we will see centers of light igniting, and the whole world will speak the language of the new culture, the language of the new life, the language of divine love.
… So now, may all women on earth, married or not, mothers or not, become aware of their possibilities and decide to contribute with all their being, thanks to their subtle emanations, to the formation of a new collective body, the Kingdom of God on Earth. Let them try to see things differently and they will understand that their condition will be improved by the expansion of their consciousness.
When women will start this work they will obtain true beauty.
…When women are fertilized – symbolically speaking – by this idea of the Golden Age, they will become radiant, for this spiritual child will bring them its youth and beauty. All women have an interest in nurturing in them this idea of the realization of the Kingdom of God, because it is this idea that will energize and embellish them. Today I present to you one of the greatest mysteries of Initiatic Science. All those who have despised women, who have not understood the importance of their role and have not worked with them, have not been able to achieve anything, because it is thanks to women that the most sublime ideas can become a reality.


Izvor Series No. 214, c. XIII

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