Love is omnipresent in the life of human beings. Each one of us is looking for love. We need love. Love brings happiness, it makes life beautiful.

We often associate love with the feeling that men and women have for each other. In fact, this is just one of the many manifestations of love. When men and women fall in love, everything is beautiful and nothing else counts. Yet, should we not then conserve it so as to maintain the magic and the flame of these first moments. For this, we must understand what love is and know how to love.

But love is much more than this feeling men and women have for each other. It is a state of higher consciousness that we can reach by working to make our thoughts and our feelings pure and disinterested. This state of consciousness gives us a feeling of plenitude and a joy of living.

 *To go further: Le tableau synoptique, coll. Synopsis no 2, p. 122-129
The meaning of love
True love thinks first of the happiness of the other, it is based on sacrifice: sacifice of time, sacrifice of forces, sacrifice of money, sacrifice to help others, to allowing them to blossom and to develop all their possibilities. Nothing is more beautiful than love, precisely because you are ready to tear something from yourself, to deprive yourself of something in order to give it.
Like the mother. The mother loves her child; during wars, deprivation, she will die of hunger but she will keep food for her children: this is love!
                           Complete Works, vol. VII, part II
Divine love
The goal of the spiritual life is to get to know this state of higher consciousness called divine love. This state of mind cannot be described or explained to someone who is not ready to live it; all that can be done is to try gradually to lead people there. This state of mind allows people to feel themselves linked inwardly to the whole universe; they are then like an instrument whose strings vibrate in unison with all that exists, they feel a deep peace and, above all, a tremendous kindness toward all beings. They do not know where these good dispositions come from, they just feel that they have invaded their whole being and that they encourage them to express themselves with love and understanding. Nature and human beings appear to them in a new light, and they feel that this is true happiness.
               Daily Meditations 2001, 31 December
A romantic relationship
A romantic relationship has meaning only if you can build something solid and long lasting with your partner. Look at whether there is harmony between you on the three planes: physical, emotional and mental, or whether you give in only to a passing whim, or an attraction for pleasure. If you do not have any affinities in the realm of emotions, tastes and ideas, don’t tell yourself that this is not important and that things will sort themselves out later. Not at all, on the contrary, at the end of some time, once you have exhausted the novelty of certain pleasures, you will realise in fact that the psychic and intellectual affinities are extremely important, and if these affinities do not exist, then discord sets in.
Yes, understanding tastes and ideas is very important, for a couple’s relationship does not consist only of kissing each other and making declarations of love; there are all the details of daily life to think about and deal with, decisions to be made together, and life to organise. If one wishes for children and the other doesn’t, if one likes reflection and silence and the other likes music and noisy diversions, what will happen?
And concerning all the events in the external world, everyone has their own opinions, their ways of feeling and seeing; and if the reactions are always divergent, what conversations will be held? Either there will be a fight, or each one will remain silent in their corner, and in either case life will become hell.
 Izvor no 233, Youth, creators of the future, chap. XX
Doing good to the audience
It is the end of a civilization when those whose mission it is to lead the people seek only to please them.
… Artists lack the awareness of the role they can play in transforming humanity. They do not know how to make the most of the powers that Heaven has placed in them in order to awaken souls. They waste these powers. They play, they sing or they paint, but it is not to make beings evolve, it is to distract them, to flatter their desires, their whims, or to obtain money or glory.
In reality, if you are an artist, you must undertake a masterpiece that no one else can, a masterpiece so beautiful, so edifying, that it will propel hearts and souls towards the Lord, that by looking at it, everyone will feel an impulse towards perfection awakening in them. This is how initiates understand the mission of art: to lead human beings to Heaven, and not to hell, cacophony, disorder.
Izvor n° 223, Afterword