The Bonfin… in the 1960s

The Bonfin centre was created in 1953 in the outback of Fréjus. At that time the Bonfin was an isolated countryside amidst the pine forests, uncultivated and without much value. In this not easily accessible site at the time, but where the sun was always shining, the Master wished to create a center for spiritual renewal, a place for the study and application of initiatic truths, and above all a center of brotherly life

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Le Bonfin aujourd’hui

Today, the Bonfin has developed into an international congress center

Over the years and with good will, the Bonfin has become a flowered and wooded estate, with vegetable gardens, orchards, vineyards, olive trees…

A large, spacious, bright hall was built and enlarged to accommodate for fraternal meetings. Various facilities were created according to the needs of collective life: a kitchen, a bakery, greenhouses, workshops, dormitories, rooms, chalets, special spaces dedicated to reading and study, music, choral singing, arts, etc. The campsite has been structured and expanded into a caravanning site. These facilities are constantly being modernised, improved, and continue to diversify.

All this has only been possible thanks to the skills and participation of each and everyone.

For decades, the Bonfin, the international congress center of the Universal White Brotherhood, has welcomed the members of the Universal White Brotherhood associations from the five continents for one month in spring and three months in summer. Each year, hundreds of men and women of all ages and of all cultural and social backgrounds, philosophical and religious origins, united by the same ideal, share a rich, active and caring fraternal life, made up of discussions and common activities.

Listening each day to the Master’s conferences, recorded until 1985 either in audio or video, they discover how to nourish harmoniously all the components of their being: the physical, affective, intellectual, moral and spiritual aspect. And in this blessed atmosphere, they participate in consciously creating together an intense spiritual radiance that calls the whole world to unity and foreshadows a golden age.

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