Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

French spiritual master of Bulgarian origin (1900-1986), he came to live in France in 1937. His teaching gives an essential place to light as a factor of evolution and expansion of consciousness.


Through a few thousand talks or conferences, he illuminates the meaning of human existence in its natural, family, societal, global and even cosmic environment. It places the preservation of life at the centre of all solutions to be provided. It inspires the creation of fraternities, whose members practice daily a behaviour of sharing and peace. He says:

«What I wish through this teaching is to give you notions about life, about yourself, about how human beings are built, about their relationships with the whole universe, about the exchanges you have to make between yourselves and with the universe that is Life.».
Le Maître

History of events

In Bulgaria

The ``White Brotherhood`` of Bulgaria. In a tormented historical context, under the impulse of Peter Deunov (1864-1944), the creation of an esoteric Christian spiritual movement was developed...

Brother Mikhaël in Paris

With a simple tourist visa to visit the Universal Exhibition, he arrived in Paris in July 1937. There, he met with French supporters of the Bulgarian Brotherhood....

The Universal White Brotherhood

Shortly after the end of the war, the small fraternal group found a house in Sèvres. At the end of December 1947, the association ``Fraternité Blanche Universelle`` was created...

Creation of Le Bonfin

In 1953, a new important centre for brotherly life was created in the Var, near Fréjus. The modest rocky ground at the beginning will become over the years a cultivated, landscaped estate...

Trip to India : 1959-1960

In 1959, his work as a disciple was visible and real: the first fraternal centres were founded. The first books were published as of 1946.

Master Omraam : 1960-1986

For a quarter of a century, he continues to live a life consecrated to Heaven and to his `` brothers and sisters `` every day, travelling and sharing....
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For a quarter of a century, he continues to live a daily life consecrated to Heaven and to his “brothers and sisters”, travelling and sharing his presence among the fraternal groups whose creation he inspired, in France, Switzerland, Canada, and shortly afterwards in other countries of Europe, Africa, America…