The population of our cells

The shape of a point in a circle exists in every

material structure, from galaxies to cells and atoms, passing through our solar system which is a living illustration of it.

The figure of the sun is symbolically the vibrant point at the heart of all circles, both small and large.

It is the image of the good king at the centre of his people, thinking only of doing good, of feeding them, of giving them light, and offering them conditions of harmony and peace.

And this central sun is in each one of us, carefully attentive to the requests and aspirations of the little souls that are the cells of our body.

The awareness of being a centre linked to other centres
You are the centre of this circle that represents your body and your whole being; and when you are aware, enlightened and linked to the great Centre on high, a similar phenomenon of being linked is produced between you and the centres of all these small circles that are your cells. At that point, you touch the nuclei of all your cells, because all these nuclei are linked to you: they receive orders, they benefit from your light and they begin to restore harmony in the cells. This is how the organism is purified, healed, strengthened and enlightened: thanks to this centre, this point which is the spirit, when the human being is conscious.
O.C., t. VIII Le langage symbolique, (1973), chap. III (3)
The influence of our lifestyle
We are inhabited by billions of souls: our cells.
You will say, “But cells are not souls”. No, of course, not the cells in their physical state, but each one of them is the dwelling of a tiny soul which  has been entrusted with a particular activity. A cell of the eyes is different to a cell of the brain or of the liver. It is not a simple particle of matter occupying any place in our organism. It is like a worker conscious of the work they must do wherever they may be, and it is upon this work that the good functioning of the organism depends.
Biology and medicine present the human being to us in a manner which is not false, of course, but incomplete: for they do not teach us to consider our organism as a brotherhood of souls.
Through our thoughts, our feelings, our desires, through life, we can carry out transformations in the very heart of our cells. And in the same way through our unreasonable behaviour we can paralyse, destroy all the kind creatures who work for us, and the same applies if we decide to put order and light into our lives, we can vivify, regenerate and enlighten them.
                                 Synopsis no. 1, IX, 4
The intelligence of the whole body
This faculty of knowing and understanding that the brain represents the synthesis of the faculties that all the cells of our organs possess, the cells of the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the liver, the sexual organs and also the arms and legs…Each cell of our body possessses a tiny intelligence, thanks to which it performs a specific task in the organ of which it is a part. It is therefore the knowledge of all the cells, synthesized in the brain, which expresses the intelligence of the whole organism. If the intelligence of the cells is reduced, the brain remains obtuse. In order to develop our brains and arrive at total knowledge, we must work on all the cells of our body.
Everything is linked, we cannot therefore separate the brain from the rest of the body. Day after day, we must think of purifying, vivifying and enlightening the cells of each of our organs, so that their good functioning reflects on our brain and improves our understanding of things.
                        Synopsis no. 3 XII, 3, p.560
The population of our cells
The cells of our body are intelligent little souls. We have a whole population here, inside us, a population with which we can communicate, and that we even have the task of educating. Are we conscious of this? No, or very rarely, and that is why the cells do not obey us. You wish to improve the state of your liver, your stomach, your heart or brain, and so on, but you cannot: the cells of these organs do not obey you, you cannot control them, they work according to their own will.
Initiatic science, which has studied the psychic structure of human beings and the rules that preside over their functioning, teaches that we can give orders to the cells of our organs. But in order to do this, we must first of all accept the idea that they are conscious and intelligent entities, and we must learn to communicate with them.
Œuvres Complètes, tome 20 (éd. 2008), 22 October
Speaking to our cells
The good thoughts and positive words that we send to each of our organs, of our limbs, produce beneficial changes in them. If you get into the habit of thinking and talking to your cells every day for a few minutes, you can improve your health.
For example, do this exercise: place your hand on the solar plexus and in this position speak to your cells, ask them to remedy what is not working in your body; and thank them too for their good work. They will hear you, because the solar plexus directs all the unconscious processes of the organism: secretions, growth, circulation, digestion, elimination, respiration…You can speak to your cells in this way, be heard by them, and so you will improve your faith and strengthen your thought.
Complete Works, vol. XIII, The New Earth, (1975), p. 30
Consciousness is the place where the cells express themselves
Our consciousness can be defined as the place where all the representatives of our different organisms, physical, psychic and spiritual have agreed to meet. Exactly in the same way as happens at the UN, the United Nations: in Geneva for example, the representatives of the world powers, friends or foes, meet to talk. From time to time this town becomes at least for a short while, the consciousness of the world: there are discussions, clarifications and decisions…
In the same way, the human consciousness is a neutral zone, a free zone where, as long as circumstances permit, elements and forces of all types come to express themselves. We can also compare it to a picture or a screen on which events are displayed that take place in the different regions of this very special world that is the human being; according to its degree of evolution, obviously the nature and number of these displays are different.
                    Synopsis no 3, VI, 1, p. 192
Because consciousness manifests at the level of the brain, we imagine that it is in the head, through our thoughts that we can change something in order to change our state of consciousness. No, that is a mistake. Consciousness is the result of the functioning of all the cells in the body; it is therefore on all the cells of the body that we must act in order to change consciousness and not on the screen, the brain, which has nothing to do with it.
                          Synopsis no 3, VI, 1, p. 195

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