The spiritualist in society

The true spiritualist has long explored within himself the divine nature and the human nature, he has experienced the law of cause and consequence: he knows that matter obeys psychic forces, and psychic forces obey spiritual forces. Thus, in the society in which he lives, he works with light and love, consciously, to shape the world of tomorrow.

How to improve things sustainably
Everywhere you hear people saying, “We have to change this… we have to change that…” And then, they transform, they change… Here, we eliminate some jobs, there we create a new administration, here we abolish a border, there we draw another one. But history teaches us that these transformations are not sustainable: a little later, a wave comes and sweeps everything away. Why is that? Because the driving force behind these changes did not come from above, from the requirement of the spirit.
Only that which is established above, in the world of the spirit, is eternal. The rest is temporary, transient. So, when you want to improve a situation permanently, you have to rise very high in the world of the spirit, and there, work, pray, make requests, create images that will gradually come down to be realized in the physical plane. If you know how to unleash the luminous forces from above, then one day all obstacles will be swept away and a new order of harmony and peace will settle on the earth.


Thought of December 31, 2002
By changing attitudes, we will change the whole world
It is not with revolutions that a society can really be transformed. After each revolution there are the same disorders, the same dishonesty, the same unfairness… The victims and the executioners have changed sides, but there are still victims and executioners. Therefore, it is not externally that changes have to be made, but in the human mentality. Many work for the happiness in the world, but since they don’t have the right understanding, they only manage to make holes in the water. The real progress, the real changes are made in the mind, in the heart, in the soul, and with light. How do you want the changes to be effective if the mentality remains the same: selfish, dishonest, malicious? It is the mentalities that must be tackled, because by changing the mentalities the whole world will change.


Excerpt from the Complete Works – Volume 20
Understanding peace
So many people are working for World Peace! But in fact, they do nothing to truly bring about this peace. They have never thought that first and foremost it is all the cells of their body, all the particles of their physical and psychic being that must live according to the laws of peace and harmony in order to emanate this peace which they claim to work for. While they write about peace, while they meet to talk about peace, they continue to foster war within them, because they are constantly fighting against one thing or another. Hence what peace could they bring? Peace must first be established in man himself, in his actions, his feelings and his thoughts. Only then does he truly work for peace.


Excerpt from the Izvor Collection No. 208
Peace is a collective task
Human beings cannot be told enough how important it is to create centers of light and peace in order to neutralize the dark and chaotic currents that flow through space. It is time they learned how cosmic forces work. You know how in physics one calculates the resultant of two forces; well, this law is not only valid for the physical plane, it is also valid for the psychic plane. If on the one hand there are a few thousand people who truly work for the welfare of humanity, while billions of others are only busy arranging their own affairs being selfish, jealous, resentful, how do you want to see good and peace triumph? Again, events will be only the result of the forces at work. You will say: “But there are more than a few thousand people who want the triumph of the good! “Yes, but so weakly, so sluggishly! What they want is to wake up one fine morning and find peace, abundance and happiness, without having to do anything themselves to ensure that this peace, abundance and happiness prevails. Humans want peace, that’s true, at least the majority of them… But when will they realize that with their greed, their selfishness, their limited understanding of things, their inertia, they can only attract war?


Daily Meditation January 11, 2001
Transforming ourselves to change the world
Human beings have not yet really solved the problems of collective life. If, on the outside, they have formed nations, organized societies whose members support each other, and where all are at each other’ s service and can benefit from everything, on the inside they remain isolated, aggressive and hostile towards each other. All the advances they have managed to achieve in the material and practical life, in the field of organization and technique, they have not been able to transpose them into their inner realm. For this reason and in spite of all this progress, humanity still suffers from the same ailments: wars, misery, famine, oppression, and in a magnitude that was unknown until today. Real improvements can only come about through a fundamental change in mentalities. It is psychologically, spiritually, that humans must feel united in order to form the only true society: a universal inner brotherhood. Once each individual will strive to attain the higher consciousness of unity, then societies, peoples and nations will begin to live in peace and freedom.


Daily Meditation 14 March 2004
The importance of working on oneself
“In general, people are always waiting for the improvements they want from the efforts of others or from external conditions. This teaching (the initiatic science) reveals and allows us to realize the incapacity of each being to change others or the world outside of us, while at the same time it reveals the great possibilities which are given to us within ourselves because of the continuous exchanges that tie us to the surrounding environment. Any transformation of ourselves, no matter how small, brings about changes around us. Human beings remain powerless to find solutions for the individual, social and planetary problems of their existence because they have disdained the work on themselves. Each one seeks to act where he or she cannot achieve any lasting results, forgetting to focus on his or her own matter. Hence the blossoming of an egocentric philosophy, the pursuit of material assets, the denial of spiritual truths, the irritation towards others, the lack of confidence in one’s fellow human beings which is the cause of all wars …
… For those who put this teaching into practice, its planetary importance becomes evident, since it provides effective means for the realization of all the knowledge acquired by them mentally and how to act while remaining linked to the laws of universal harmony. This is what all beings who want the welfare of humanity seek. “


Svezda – “Life and Teaching in France of Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov” (in French)

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