Life : the most precious good

Life is that nurturing matrix in which “we live, swim and have our existence”. It protects us like a vast ambient environment, we also shelter it in the most intimate part of our individual self. Huge blaze, infinitesimal spark, it is the greatest mystery. It is given to us free of charge.

Obvious and mysterious
Who would have the idea of denying life on the pretext that it is not explainable? We are not asking for evidence about the existence of life: it is there everywhere as an evidence.
And yet, no one can say that he has seen life, because there is no way to present it as an object, a phenomenon that we would isolate in order to observe it under a microscope or a telescope: we just notice its manifestations. We see that beings are alive, that nature is alive; but life, that is to say, the energy, the current that infuses itself into them to bring them to life, to develop and die (yes, to die too, because death, as a transformation process, is part of life) -…life, it is impossible to have a precise knowledge of it. We do not know what it is, where it comes from, or where it ends, but we cannot doubt it.
Some will say, ” We do indeed know what life is about. When a child is born, we know that it has been given life by a man and a woman who have met, we now know all these processes in detail. And when a tree grows, we know that it originated from a seed whose germination and growth processes are also well known. »
It is true, everyone now knows how life on earth is transmitted and sustained. But its origin, how it emerged in the universe, then in the human being, is another question – …and especially how to manage to control it!
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Synopsis Collection No. 3, Part I
All virtualities
Life is the beginning of everything. Look at the creatures: first they are alive, and then they can more or less feel, think, understand. First of all, there is life. Life is therefore the primary condition. The word “life” sums up all the wealth of the universe that is there, undetermined, unorganized, chaotic, before it manages to differentiate itself.
Thus in life everything is included.
Also in a cell everything is included: all the organs that must appear, everything that must come out one day is already there, inside, as in a seed. But a seed, you have to plant it, water it, nurture it to see what will come out of it. Similarly, after a while, as with the seed, of this magma, this chaos, this indeterminate reality that is life, everything begins to come out and take shape.
That’s how all the organs and the five senses appeared….And there are many more that will appear in the future. Since the physical body is made on the image of the astral body, the astral body of the image of the mental body, and so on until the divine plane, man, who possesses five senses in the physical plane, also possesses five senses in the astral plane and five senses in the mental plane: touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight… : these organs are not yet developed in the subtle planes, but they are there, they wait the time to manifest themselves. Once they are formed, the human being will have unprecedented opportunities to see, smell, hear, taste, act and move. But for the time being, these faculties are still within him in an undifferentiated state.
Life, the living being, the living cell, the micro-organism contain all the possibilities of development, but it will take thousands of years for them to be able to manifest themselves. This is the mystery, the splendour of life.


Complete Works, Volume V, The Powers of Life, Chapter I
Of divine origin
And why is life a great mystery? Because we have never understood that we have to look for it much higher than in the physical plane to discover what it is. It is above * that we can know what life really is and not only beneath *: below it is vitality, the animal, vegetative, mineral life. But when we rise towards the sublime regions from which life comes, when our perceptions will be much more spiritual, more subtle, we will capture, we will understand, we will discover what life really is.
Life is God himself. Outside of God there is no life. He is the one who created and gave life. If humans are not able to know it, it is because they no longer believe in the divine. Life has its origin in God and only those who approach the divinity can know what life is all about.
 People are ignorant, they think they are the ones who give life to their children. No, they are only custodians. God has placed in man and woman a part of the life he created, for them to distribute, but they are unable to produce it. Only God creates life and can teach us the mystery of life.


Complete Works, Volume V, Chapter I
*In the Initiatic tradition, among other meanings “below” refers to the physical plane, “above” to the subtle planes of the spirit.
Individual and universal life
“I want to live my life”: these are the words that young people generally use to declare their independence. They want to live their life… yes, but what life? An instinctive, animal life, or a divine life?….
Stani Collection, The Meaning of Prayer, chap. II,


The whole universe is alive, all of nature is alive, all beings are alive, and yet how many men and women know what life is?….
Humans seek power, wealth, knowledge, love… Well, no, it is life they must seek. You will say: “But why seek life? We have it, we are alive. We should be looking for what we don’t have. “
You are alive, it is true, but life is not the same for all beings, life has degrees. Between the mineral and God, passing through plants, animals, men, angels, everything is alive. But it is not enough to live, we have to ask ourselves what life we are living.


Synopsis No. 3, And he showed me a stream of water of life, Part XII, Chapter 2
Fire and water: father and mother of life
“And the spirit of God moved above the waters,” says the Genesis.
Why above the waters? Because water represents the original cosmic matter that the divine spirit, the primordial fire, has penetrated to fertilize.
… Water is therefore the symbol of the raw material that has received the fertilizing germs of the spirit: it is the matrix of life. Life emerged from the water thanks to the principle of fire as it put this material in motion. Without the action of fire no life is possible. By itself, water, the substance does not possess life, it is fire that infuses it.
Life on earth was also born from the action of fire on water. Carried by the rays of the sun, the first seeds of life came down to earth, they traveled until they reached the water of the oceans, which welcomed them as a loving mother and made them grow thanks to the light and the warmth of the sun.


Izvor No. 232, The Revelations of Fire and Water, Chapter 1
All of nature is alive
We are in the universe as if we were in a sanctuary where we must enter with a sacred feeling. Because nature is not only alive, but also intelligent, and if we open ourselves to it, it responds by involving us in its life.
You think: “But all phenomena of nature occur mechanically! There is no intelligence there. ” Well you’ re wrong. It is not because humans, having observed that the universe obeys laws, have created the so-called natural sciences, that these phenomena can be qualified as “mechanical”. By thinking this way, you mortify nature and you mortify yourself: you prevent life from entering your heart, your soul, your intelligence and even your physical body.
You will truly become alive the day you decide to establish a relationship with this immense, inexhaustible life that manifests itself everywhere in the universe.
O.C., vol. 21 (2006), 2 September
To sanctify and share life
From now on, therefore, we must endeavour to intensify your life and make it fruitful, for it is capable of working the highest forms of magic in hearts, souls, minds, in the entities and forces of nature, and even in physical objects.
Yes, the time has come for the whole world to realize that wasting an eternity of splendor for a meaningless existence that we have spent eating, drinking, sleeping and tinkering a little, well, that’s stupid! We run, we run, we work to possess, to accumulate, and in the end we realize that we have lost it all. Honestly, tell me, is it smart to get there?
If the initiates have an inner balance, peace, joy, health and all the blessings, it is because they have taken care of life, they have understood that the most powerful magic exists only in life and nowhere else. Life, there is no greater magic than being able to breathe life: to animate human beings, to stimulate them, to fire them up, to resuscitate them. That is life, but life in a higher degree, because there are degrees and degrees….
Human beings still have no clear idea of the sublime degrees of life; they have settled for the lowest degrees, and they are vegetating… But when they will be advised otherwise and instead of wasting their life, they will start to amplify it, to sanctify it, they will be amazed to discover that this life is true magic: it already has an influence over everything and is causing extraordinary things… but especially they are starting to be loved! You give life, a pure, intense, luminous life and you are loved.
…We have not yet started to study real science; it is not chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, mathematics… The real science is the science of life: how to live.


Complete Works, Volume V, Life, Chapter II
A treasure to preserve
How many people tell themselves: “Since I am alive, I can use life to get everything I want, money, pleasure, knowledge, glory…” So they draw, they draw, they draw, and when they have nothing left, they are forced to stop all their activities. It makes no sense acting like this, because if you lose your life, you lose everything. The essential thing is life in itself, and we must therefore protect it, purify it, strengthen it, eliminate what obstructs or blocks it, because it is thanks to life that we will obtain health, beauty, power, intelligence, love and true wealth. So let us now work to embellish our life, to intensify it, to sanctify it.
Izvor No. 227, Golden Rules for Daily Life, Chapter I
Although humans are convinced that life is their most precious possession, they have not yet fully understood that what is essential in this life is life itself. They do not think of all the creatures, of all the powers of the universe that are there only so that they can be alive, nor of everything they receive from the earth, water, air, sun, stars…
How many people tend to believe that life has been given to them only for the satisfaction of their desires! They are alive and that is enough for them, they do not wonder thanks to whom and what they can breathe, feed, love, think…
And because they are not aware of what this gift of life represents, they waste it. Consciousness comes to them a little later, as they approach old age, or if they happen to be handicapped, sick. There, they are doing everything they can to hold on to this life that is leaving them. Shouldn’t we have started thinking about it a little earlier?
Daily Meditations 2013, August 5
If, instead of dispersing themselves in activities that weaken them, they tried to develop their psychological and spiritual faculties, human beings would discover that it is in the simplest and most ordinary acts that life has buried its true treasures. Breathing, eating, walking, opening one’ s eyes to nature, loving, thinking, these are the true gifts of life.


Daily Meditations 2014, August 2

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