Clarifications on the name Universal White Brotherhood

This name regularly raises questions from people who believe they see, in the term “White”, a racist connotation. The two terms “Brotherhood” and “Universal” which frame it should remove any ambiguity on this point.

Brotherhood: means that this teaching is addressed to the human community all over the earth, whose predestination is to live together as the children of the same creator: God

White: this term should be understood symbolically. It refers to white light, the spiritual symbol above all others, which is the synthesis of all colours (as revealed by its splitting through the prism), colours that the mystical tradition considers to be manifestations of the virtues of the soul.

Excerpt from article 1 of the statutes of the association Fraternité Blanche Universelle :

« in the name “Universal White Brotherhood” the term “white” is symbolic, it does not refer to a skin colour… Just as white light contains all colours, the idea of “Universal White Brotherhood”, which is timeless, concerns all human beings without exception… »

Universal: by virtue of its psychic structure, the human being, created in the image of God, is capable of raising and expanding his consciousness to a universal conception of life.

The name “Universal White Brotherhood” thus represents, in itself, a program. Its teaching is essentially a psychology and a pedagogy allowing each one to work on himself, thanks to which he feels he is truly becoming a brother to all humans, sons of God, and conscious resident of this immense dwelling that is the universe.

The religion of Christ adapted to our time

He who works with the principles of the Christ, principles that are eternal, unchangeable, this one belongs to the true Universal White Brotherhood. He does not demolish anything, he does not bring a new religion, no, but he abandons forms that in the course of the centuries have lost their meaning. He who clings on to the form only reveals that he has not understood the principles. He imagines that the form will save him… No, because within the form you fall asleep. In order to evolve, you shouldn’t rely so much on the forms, but work with the principles. In his Second epistle to the Corinthians Saint Paul writes: “The letter kills and the spirit vivifies. “It is laziness that drives humans to cling on to the letter, to the form. But periodically the spirit breaks the forms to renew them, because it no longer recognizes itself in them. The Universal White Brotherhood is therefore not a new religion, it is the religion of the Christ, but presented in a form adapted to our times.


Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Daily Meditation November 1, 2002
Brotherhood and community

Collective does not mean fraternal. A community is not yet a brotherhood. A community is a gathering of people who may have no connection to each other. Take a village, take a town, it is a collectivity, of course, but the people who are there, do they know each other, do they love each other, do they consciously work for each other with love? No, most of them live without being aware of the reality of the bonds that should unite them, so they do not yet form a brotherhood. A brotherhood is a community with a broad, luminous consciousness, a collectivity whose members are united and work not only for each other but also for the whole world. A true brotherhood is a community with a universal consciousness.


Daily Meditation, April 29, 2001

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