Spiritual work

Spiritual work is a task that allows the human being to acquire what he needs to be fully happy and fulfilled. As with work in the physical plane to earn money to support the physical body (food, housing, etc.), spiritual work allows the human being to be nourished and to develop on other levels*.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov gives several spiritual exercises so that we can nourish ourselves on the different levels and thus be able to develop in a harmonious and holistic manner. All the given exercises are intended to help human beings to find inner peace and fulfilment.

* To read more about this topic: The synoptic table, Coll. Synopsis No. 2, pp. 122-129
Spirituality, a vital necessity
Of course, we are free to show interest and understanding for the various forms of spirituality. But what is dangerous is to be dispersed, to never choose an inner method of work and to stick with it. The question is not about whether to be Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist or none of the above. The question is – and it arises for everyone, believer or non-believer – to focus on some essential spiritual truths and to work at putting them into practice. Because spirituality is not an optional field that can be chosen or not, as it is with other disciplines: languages, arts, sports, etc. Given the structure of the human being, spirituality is a vital necessity for him, and as long as he does not become aware of this necessity, he will engage in activities that are absurd and dangerous for himself and others. The way he is built, he has an essential need to find food for his soul and his spirit.
Daily Meditations 2004, February 25
Spiritual work: a source of power and wealth
Do not let one single day go by without connecting yourself to Heaven, meditating, praying… For nothing is more important, more beneficial for you than to develop a taste for spiritual activities. Several times a day, stop for a few minutes, and try to find within yourself your point of inner balance, your divine center… You will then begin to feel that, in all the circumstances of life, you possess within yourself an eternal, indestructible element… And even if you have no material benefit from it, internally you become freer, stronger, more confident, you are above everything. This spiritual work is the only asset, the only possession that is truly yours. Everything else can be taken away from you: only your work belongs to you forever.


Daily Meditations 2001, October 2
The laws of realization
Whoever chooses to pursue spiritual work must understand that this work concerns an extremely subtle matter that is beyond all our ordinary means of investigation. But the results that can be achieved on a spiritual level are just as real as those that can be achieved on a physical level. Just as it is real on the physical plane that you saw wood or prepare a soup, it is also real on the spiritual plane that you trigger forces, orient currents, enlighten consciences. Sooner or later the results will be there, but first they will occur on a subtle level. Anyone who is not familiar with these laws will expect to see the concrete results of his inner work right away. As he doesn’t see anything coming, he will be disappointed and this disappointment can lead him to destroy whatever he had already built. But now you know, and you won’t be discouraged.


Daily Meditations 2004, March 12
To focus on a wonderful goal
If you knew the importance, the glory of spiritual work, you would not let one single day go by without focusing, several times, with all your mind, all your heart, all your soul…
… All Initiates are unanimous: the essential thing is personal effort, sincere effort, the effort of willpower, of thought, of the soul, of the spirit, focused on the best goals.
Complete Works, t. 28 “Initiatic pedagogy”
a work of our spirit on our matter
The two principles, masculine and feminine, which are the two principles of spirit and matter, have their origin above, in the celestial regions. But these two principles manifest themselves and act on all levels all the way to the physical plane, and in all areas of the physical plane, because it is in all the areas that their polarity is manifested. You yourself, when you work, you are the spirit that acts on matter. And this is true not only when you want to create an object or even simply prepare a meal, but spiritual activity is also a work of the spirit on the matter. Whenever you realize the need to improve certain things within yourself and decide to pursue this work, you become polarized: there is you and the matter which you want to work on. First of all, spiritual work requires knowing how to distinguish the true self from the non-me. We must therefore move away from what we usually call our self and which in reality is not us, to approach what we really are: our divine self. And this is the beginning of the true work of the spirit on the matter, of our spirit on our matter.


Daily Meditations 2001, November 17

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