The human face

The teaching of the Master Omraam is a vast homage paid to Cosmic Intelligence.

By explaining how matter is structured, he shows that everything is meaningful, intelligently distributed and ordered; biological matter too. The organisation of the human body follows a principle of hierarchy of faculties, and the elements of the face themselves are structured in relation to each other in a meaningful way.

However, beyond geometry, intuitively we contemplate how life dresses the structure of the face, clothes it with love and how the soul shines through as kindness and beauty.

1 - The 4, and the 2 times 3
….These four elements – the heart, the mind, the soul and the spirit – can also be found in the human face, where each one of them carries out its work.
The heart takes care of the mouth, which is a result of how well our feelings work. The mouth reveals the heart, it is its visible image whereas the heart, itself, remains hidden.
The mind acts on the nose; it is the model according to which the nose is built. From the length of the nose, its position in the face, its pointed or round shape, its colour…we can know the intellectual characteristics of a person.
The soul takes care of the eyes: according to the eyes we can guess the strengths and weaknesses of the soul. The spirit acts on the forehead: from the forehead we can know the resistance, the nobility, the power, the high qualities of the spirit, or else the vices which prevent it from manifesting.
Here we have two feminine elements: the mouth and the eyes, and two masculine elements: the nose and the forehead. That is two fathers and two mothers. So where are the children?
…The absence of children does not conform to the laws of nature. (…) In nature, if there are no children, there is no joy. Children are like water, they are the fruit of the combination of beings. When this combination takes place, water bursts forth so as to vivify and nourish creatures. The same phenomenon occurs in the psychic life: each combination – between the heart and the mind; the soul and the spirit – gives birth to a child in the physical realm. The child of the mouth and the nose (heart and mind) is the chin; the child of the eyes and the forehead (soul and spirit) is the upper part of the skull.
The chin reveals the will, the capacity for resistance, for action on the physical plane. The upper centre situated at the top of the head represents the divine will, the actions for good, for the love of God and humans, stability, perseverance in the divine ideal.
     Œuvres Complètes, chap. III, chap. 4 : ”Ce que révèle le visage human”
2 – Our inner face
Human beings all have an inner face that is different from their physical face.This inner face is that of their soul. It has no well-defined or unchanging features by which it can be recognized. It changes constantly, because it is closely linked to the person’s psychic life, their feelings and their thoughts. Depending on the moment, this inner face appears luminous or dark, harmonious or grimacing, expressive or frozen, and the spiritual beings of the invisible world, who are sensitive to these different expressions, approach or move away.
Through prayer, meditation, contemplation, through higher states of consciousness we gradually come to mould the face of our soul, to sculpt it, paint it and illuminate it. And thus this beauty may one day permeate our physical face.
            Daily Meditations 2018, 2 March
3 – The face of the sun
I ask the sun questions all the time. And when I say to him: “But why are you so bright, so alive?”, he smiles (you know that children always draw the sun with a wide smile) and he replies to me: “Because I have a lot of love: love communicates a movement to all my particles which is so quick that no instrument can measure it. ” “-Ah? say I, I will try to do the same.”
                        Complete Works, vol. X, chap. VIII
4 – The face of a good man
It is its desire to give that makes the sun so luminous and warm. If you take away love, goodness, the wish to help human beings … your face becomes dark and sombre.
A proof: look at a person who gets ready to go and see a sick or unhappy friend, give him some present or a few sympathetic words: his face is beautiful and radiant. And look at the face of a criminal who is preparing something bad: he is dark, tense, worried, he has no light.
We must understand this language. The more you have the desire to enlighten, to instruct beings, to help them, the more the light in you increases and broadens until it forms around you an extraordinary, radiant and luminous aura.
     Complete Works, vol. X, chap. XX
5 – However, discernment
The darkness you may perceive on someone’s face doesn’t necessarily mean they are motivated by bad feelings or bad intentions. You could be wrong: it could be that someone else is projecting a shadow onto their face, rather than the person themselves being in darkness; it may also be a passing cloud or an object making a screen.
And if you happen to see light on a face, it could also be someone else playing with mirrors and those mirrors project their brightness. The person whose face you see lit up isn’t always the cause of the light: an entity may have come for a moment to play like that on their face, and when it goes away the light disappears; however hard you try you won’t find it again.
In order to comment on the different facial expressions, you need to be able to see and feel well beyond appearances.
             Daily Meditations 2009, 18 March
6 – The key to Paradise
Why does it say in the Gospels: “Unless you become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”? Because children have an open expression; they laugh and smile, they are alive! So pay attention to your face: if you arrive at the gates of paradise with a scowl, you will be told: “No, no, you cannot come in with a face like that. Here we only accept open expressions, like the faces of children.”
             Daily Meditations 2016, 3 December