Daily tasks

Make every gesture of daily life shine like a dewdrop in the sun.

Benefits of daily physical work
If you ask certain people to work physically, they are outraged: how can you ask them to do something so unworthy of them! Well, that’s where they’re wrong. Physical work is essential for everyone’s evolution. Even if nothing and no one forces you to do it, you must force yourself to do it, otherwise it will reflect negatively on your physical and even mental health.
If you knew the usefulness of physical activity, even for the enlightenment of consciousness and for spiritual advancement, you would do your best to always have something to clean, to wash, to plant, to sew or to tinker with.
Complete Works, Vol. 20 (2008), July 8
The usefulness of physical activity
Yes, he who carries out work on the physical plane with all his conviction and consciousness, feels a warmth, a love for this work arising in him: his heart rejoices and clarity flows in his mind. Work on the physical plane is therefore essential for the evolution of each one. Even if no one asks you to do it, you must force yourself to do it: first of all, it will be reflected in a beneficial way on your health, of course, but also on your understanding of things. At home, whenever you have the opportunity to clean, tidy up, wash, sew, tinker, do it, never be sloppy. Tell yourself that it is not by leaving the material work to others that you will show yourself more evolved.
…The true light is not lost by working: on the contrary, if you work, it does not leave you any more. Thanks to work you understand things better, you make discoveries: do not leave it to others under the pretext that you are having a conversation with the angels or with God.
Brochure no. 2 page 8: “The Spiritualist in Society
Giving a meaning to our work
Many people think that being a spiritualist means dedicating oneself to meditation and prayer alone. No, any work, be it physical, intellectual or even mystical, becomes extremely prosaic when a sublime idea, a superior ideal is not put into it. And conversely, any prosaic work can be spiritualized if one knows how to introduce a divine element into it.
Spirituality does not consist in refusing all physical activity, but in doing everything towards the light, by the light and for the light. Spirituality is knowing how to use every kind of work to elevate oneself, to harmonize oneself, to connect with God.
Complete Works – volume XX (ed. 1984), January 8
Harmonious gestures
When you touch or move objects, do it as if your whole body was singing and dancing, and you will see that the harmony of your gestures will be reflected on you all day long. People kick furniture, slam doors, jostle chairs without realizing that the way they do things puts them in a certain state. But one day when you’re nervous or angry, try saying, “Ah, it’s time for some exercise. “Then take an object, caress it a little bit, like this, gently, and at that moment you will already feel that you are transforming something within you, that you are changing the currents.
Complete Works, Vol. XIII: The New Earth, p. 32