Each exercise, full of meaning and measure, is accompanied by a sacred thought.

As a result, through conscious breathing, energy flows harmoniously through the body.

To mainly harmonize the nervous system
If you carefully and consciously do the gymnastic exercises, you will achieve great improvements in all areas of your health and balance.
They are simple, easy movements that anyone can perform. They will certainly not develop your muscles much, but they will strengthen your nervous system and allow you to connect with the cosmic currents.
Complete Works – Volume 13- p.227
Bringing the truths into our cells
The reason for the exercises we practice every day is to make our whole being vibrate, right down to the cells of our hands and feet, in accordance with the spiritual truths that we accept intellectually.
Once we have meditated facing the sunrise, we do the breathing exercises and then the gymnastic exercises. Spiritual work only makes sense if every truth, we come into contact with, finally reaches the physical plane and permeates our whole being. Understanding, true understanding, is not only achieved through the cells of the brain; it is also accomplished through the cells of the heart, stomach, lungs, liver and all our organs. Yes, for our understanding to be complete, all the cells of our body must participate.
Coll. Stani, Bringing Symbols to Life, chap.3