Working spiritually together

The purpose of fraternal meetings is to create waves of light and harmony.

Expanding ou consciousness
We are here at the Bonfin in this room, within these four walls; but we are also in the district of Fréjus. Where is Fréjus? In the Var. The Var is in France, France is in Europe. Europe is a continent that is part of the world. And the Earth? It’s part of the family of planets in the solar system. We are therefore part of the solar system. The solar system in turn is part of a galaxy. And this galaxy is a very small part of the cosmos… Yes, it’s amazing: we who are in this room are in the cosmos at the same time!
So, what conclusion can we draw? Since we are cosmic beings, we should not eternally limit ourselves, but open our eyes and tell ourselves that we have to undertake cosmic work.
Complete Works, Volume XXX, Chapter IV, IV
An exercice to help humanity
We believe that it is impossible to act so as to help humanity to improve itself, we tell ourselves: “There are so many of them, it’s impossible”. Of course, it’s huge, it’s gigantic, but if we knew certain methods, it would be possible.
For example, try to imagine that humanity is condensed into a single being… yes, imagine the whole world as a being who is there close to you, and you hold his hand and give him a lot of light, a lot of love. At that moment small particles of your soul will leave in all directions, and what you do for that being will be reflected on all humans, who will begin to have greater thoughts and desires.
If there were hundreds, thousands of people on Earth to do this exercise, then you would see a new breath, a divine breath passing through the creatures and one fine day, without knowing why, they would awaken completely transformed.
  Complete Works, volume XIII, chap. VII
Moving beyond our differences
When you come together to sing, you possess a tremendous, beneficial magical power. But do not lose sight of this truth that true power is based on unity, on harmony. Think of this family that you have to form. Your differences of character, tendencies, degree of evolution, social background, profession … leave them all aside, they do not matter, they do not play any role in the spiritual life. Reinforce in your hearts the idea that in spite of your differences, you all belong to the huge universal family, you are all members of it, and you sing together in order to awaken people’ s consciousness all over the world. Believe me, it is this unity that makes you powerful – the unity that you achieve while singing.
  Universal White Brotherhood Songbook, p. 251
Another exercise
Let’s concentrate and imagine that we have a great bright light of all colours around us… and we radiate this light with such intensity that all of us together form an immense sun that illuminates the whole world. Each one of us must first feel himself luminous like a small sun pulsating and projecting his rays, and then unite with the suns of the others to form a single sun. Put this light in your head, visualize its multicolored rays. United all together, let us radiate for the whole world, and let us forget all other matters for the duration of this exercise.
  Brochure “Light, the Living Spirit”, p. 31