Le Bonfin

Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov created in 1953 in the countryside of Fréjus
a fraternal congress centre for the summer.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Le Bonfin was then an isolated countryside in the pine forests, uncultivated, without much value. In this place, which was not easy to access at the time, but which was always sunny, the Master wished to establish a centre for spiritual renewal, a place for the study and application of the Initiatic truths, and above all a home for brotherly life.

Over the years and with the goodwill of its members, Le Bonfin has become a flowered and wooded estate, decorated with vegetable gardens, orchards, vineyards, olive trees….

A large, spacious and bright hall has been built and expanded to accommodate fraternal gatherings. Various premises have emerged according to the needs of community life: kitchen, bakery, greenhouses, workshops, dormitories, bedrooms, chalets, areas dedicated to reading and study, music, choral singing, the arts, etc. The campsite has been structured and extended to include caravanning. This infrastructure is constantly being modernized, embellished and further diversified.
All this was only possible thanks to the skills and participation of all.

For decades, Le Bonfin, the international congress centre of the Universal White Brotherhood, has welcomed members of the Universal White Brotherhood associations from all five continents in spring (one month) and throughout summer (three months). Every year, hundreds of men and women of all ages and of all cultural, social, philosophical and religious backgrounds, all united by the same ideal, share a rich, vibrant and warm fraternal life, of exchanges and common activities.

By listening every day to the Master’s lectures, recorded until 1985 in audio or video, they discover how to harmoniously nourish all the components of their being: physical, emotional, intellectual, moral, spiritual. And in this blessed atmosphere, they participate in consciously creating together an intense spiritual radiation that calls the whole earth to unity and is a precursor to a golden age.
The daily activities at Le Bonfin, as in all fraternal centers*, take place according to the principles given by Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. The Mediterranean climate is radiant and the morning meditations on the Prayer Rock during the sunrise are an enchantment and leave wonderful and beautiful impressions for the whole day and for the rest of one’s life.


Why are we going to Le Bonfin?
Le Bonfin is like a place where you come for a health cure. All year long you have lived in conditions that were not so favourable for your fulfilment; and your physical body, but especially your etheric, astral and mental bodies, are saturated with harmful elements that you must eliminate in order to be able to resume, with new forces, the work that God asks of you.
Here you eat pure food, prepared by beings full of love and attention, you breathe pure air, every morning you bathe in the purity of the sun’s rays; and so it is now up to you to make efforts to introduce purity in your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, your plans.
Take advantage of the conditions you have here, the peace, the silence of the forest, to meditate, review your life and finally make the resolution to become servants of God.
Why are we going to Le Bonfin?
Human beings need space, infinity, eternity, that nourishment for both soul and spirit that materialistic philosophy has never taken into consideration. This is why materialism will sooner or later go bankrupt. Yes, certain events will happen and it will be bankruptcy… We want people to believe that their happiness lies in technological progress, in comfort and we thus prevent them from making contact with other regions, other entities which, alone, could bring them the peace, love and fulfillment that they need. This spiritual, mystical world has been so rejected, made fun of, mocked, that people no longer feel compelled to seek in it the elements necessary for their survival, and humanity is dying suffocated, poisoned, out of balance. Only an Initiatic School gives you the best conditions to communicate with this subtle world, to breathe, eat, drink and feel fulfilled. When we meditate, we take nothing, there is no food, no drink, no perfume… It is emptiness; but in this emptiness the soul flourishes.
Complete Works – Volume 21(ed. 1984), december 17
Why are we going to Le Bonfin?
There you are, my dear brothers and sisters, you have come here to Le Bonfin to give your life a new starting point.  Otherwise you will continue to live in disorder and suffer, accusing the whole world, and even the Lord, of being responsible for your misfortunes, of not recognizing the value of a being such as you are, so righteous, so honest, so noble, who deserves that Heaven and earth be at his feet and provide him with everything he needs. It is time to get rid of all these unfounded demands and start working towards a new life. It’s not that easy, I know, because the old past is there, tenacious. Just as the future is linked to the present, the present is linked to the past, with the difference that we have all the power to change the future, whereas we cannot change anything in the present, because it is an absolute consequence of the past.
Complete Works – Volume 30, Ch.II,III
Why are we going to Le Bonfin?
… Here you will learn to harmonize with the cosmos, to be moulded according to this infinite world, to connect yourself to the source of all life, the Universal Soul, God Himself. For it is in this communion with universal life that you will find the true meaning of life. We cannot find fulfilment in isolation.
We must create a link, a flow of energies between heaven and earth until the harmony, the order, the beauty that are above are established below on our earth, that is, in ourselves.
Jesus did not speak of a land that is outside of man; it is first of all in us that the Kingdom of God must be established. If it were to be established in the world while men are still so anarchic and violent, it would be useless, they would destroy it right away. It is only when the Kingdom of God settles in man that it will also be reflected outside of him.
… Here we give you the methods to redesign and rebuild everything in your life. But don’t think about how long it will take you, because in spiritual life it is not like in the world where in a few months you can get a diploma in manicure, pedicure, shorthand typing, etc. Some will say, “Oh, but it’s long, and it’s not profitable. With a diploma at least you can manage to get a job, get married. ” Well, that’s good, you’re getting married. And then you will say like this man who was asked if he was happy with his marriage: “Oh no,” he said, “I’ve never had any luck with women: I’ve been married twice, the first woman left me… and the second one stayed! ».
So, my dear brothers and sisters, when you start to get tired of many useless activities, you will focus on the essential, and the essential is to harmonize with all the cosmic forces, that is, to be a conductor of God, there is nothing above. I say it, I underline it, and I will repeat it as long as I am with you, do not expect anything else from me. In the world, all the literature is spread out in front of you, enjoy yourself as much as you want, but when you come here know that you will always hear me talk about the same subject: how to improve yourself, and that you will find nothing else but opportunities to achieve this work.
Complete Works – Volume 30, Ch.II, I

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